Death of a City: No Fire Department or Police Department

Before going into today's post, I want to mention something I forgot to include in yesterday's blog post. The fact that the current board continuously borrow funds from WSOM is problematic. As the funds in the WSOM account continues to dwindle, where to do think theyre going to get funds to continue to float this pyramid scheme? From the citizens of course. They alrrady raised water and sewer rates and have you ever asked yourself why the never attempt to fix the billing issues in the water department or try to address claims of meters not getting read; well, they need those outrageous bills so they can keep funding loans to the general fund. If you thought it was bad before, you haven't seen nothing yet. Please keepmin mind thatvthe "foot soilders" of the Public Works Department were terminated last month. The riders are now responsible for checking meters. So brace yourself for a new round of mis-reads. In essence, the city benefits from mis-reads because it gives them more money to borrow.

Since we're on the subject of water, has anyone else noticed that our fire department is basically non-existent? The other week, a call for assistance was made by the Lamar County dispatch, but Lumberton's first responders never resppnded. The person that was mauled by a dog had to wait for neighboring firevfighters to respond. I know the department is a volunteer group but when you have volunteers getting turned away, thats a problem. Certified EMT's like Jerry Walters are being told they cant join the fire department. Now, if the fire department board of directors were concerned about the City of Lumberton, no certified personnel would be prevented from serving. But keep in mind that Alderman Kent Crider is one of the members of the fire departments's board of directors. It seems that political agendas trump public safety. Also keep in mind that most of the fire hydrants in the city are non-operational and haven't been properly tested since Walters was removed as fire chief. Just a week after the dog attack, there was a report that a tree had fallen onto a house on Fifth Street and the fire department actually responded. Later, it was noted that the only reason the department responed was because a volunteer firefighter lived at that residence. I guess you have to be a member of the department to get assistance but if one of the board members dont like you, chances are, you will not be allowed to serve; certified or not.

Would someone tell me what's the definition of insanity? Oh yeah, doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. This board continus to make the same mistakes over and over again but they want to blame the former noard/clerk. Keep in mind that the former board was not behind on the loan payments or electric bills. That happened under the watch of Ben Winston and Merlene Wall. There were a few "glitches" wnen Mullings was city clerk but the bills got paid, and they were paid from tne correct accounts; we had a full police department and the fire department actually responded to evey call. The board just entered a new fiscal year and they're already borrowing money, behind on payments to MDA, caused employees to loose their insurance coverage and the city is in jeopardy of loosing their sales tax in February because of late loan payments. In the midst of all this, the board is trying to sneak in a raise and somehow pay an additional $22,000 for a new software program because the current clerk does not know how to properly access BBI. How much money will thry wadte before they realize they are the weakest link?


  1. Crazy! Crazy! Ben Winston doesn't care for women but he has no problem with Merlene. What's up with that. Oh maybe its black women he has a problem with, just saying.

  2. That makes all the sense in the world concerning over charging people with the water bills. They don't have to worry about their water bills. It's not being checked and if it did get checked. They would go into closed session and take care of it. Don't tell !!!!!

  3. If Merlene's ass get any fatter she won't be able to get into the building!


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