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Help Save The Museum

The Lumberton Museum is in need of some repairs (termite infestation and the roof needs repairing). The museum has been closed because of the needed repairs. At the board meeting, several residents volunteered to hold a fundraiser and Mayor Ben Winston pledged $100 towards the repairs. Today, Mrs. Kathleen Bogle will be at the museum accepting donations/pledges. If you're not able to stop by today, there's a donation jar at the Lumberton Public Library. Aftertalking with Mrs. Bogle, I asked if donations could be mailed and she said that would be great. Anyone outside of Lumberton can mail a donation (check or money order made payable to The Lumberton Museum) to Mrs. Kathleen Bogle, 406 East Main Street, Lumberton, MS 39455. Any support ooffered to preserve this piece of Lumberton history would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance for your support!

The Wall of City Hall

It seems that the Merlene is doing a great job but she’s also beginning to show her claws (so to speak). It seems that the glitches in the system have returned. Of all the problems I had with Stephanie Mullings, surprisingly, I never had an issue with the water bill; other than the fact that it took weeks for the check used for payment to get deposited. Well, I reported a reading issue last month and have yet to get a call back regarding the miss-read. Now, the fact that a water billing issue has sprung up (pun intended) is enough to lead my suspicious mind in another direction. And everyone that reads this blog knows I have a very suspicious mind. I have a tendency to think there’s a motive behind almost everything. Since having a new issue with my water bill, I have become suspicious and think the water billing issues were never corrected. It seems they may have been giving a good dose of adjusting, in an attempt to make the citizens “think” they have been correct. I, like every…

Review of August 6, 2013 Board Meeting: The Power Tripping Edition

Last night was the second board meeting of the newly elected mayor and board of aldermen. From the start, we could see that there was a lot of power tripping going on. We are in the second month of this administration and it's clear that lines are being drawn and there are those that will do anything to have control (power). Be careful Mayor Winston, I can see your agenda showing. At the onset of the meeting, it was said that comments should be held until the end of the meeting; however, there were some that were allowed to comment on almost every agenda item; whereas others were told to remain silent. If you are going to allow your supporters to speak, then you must allow others to speak as well. This is not a classroom where we wait for the teacher to acknowledge us and neither is this a game of mother may I. If the rule cannot apply to all, then it should not apply to none. But that wasn't the only confusing portion of the meeting. For some reason, this board has not re-a…

Money Over Everything: Gold Coast Skydivers Edition

On Saturday,August 3,2013,an instructor with the Gold Coast Skydiver Group died from injuries after something went terribly wrong during a jump. Another diver is in critical condition. My condolences to the family of the deceased diver. News of the tragedy trickled in. It seems that WDAM was notified immediately. However, others didn't get the same courtesy. Some used the tragic even to show their "importance" as emergency personnel. There's a time and place for politics but this wasn't the time or the place. Also, it wasn't the time to make sure you're quoted in every story. As we watched this tragedy unfold, the skydivers went from missing to being found either injured or dead. The City of Lumberton has a contract with the Gold Coast Skydivers group and one of the stipulations within the contract states that in the event of an accident, the jumps shall be suspended. Hours after the report of the missing jumpers, the plane was still taking up other skyd…