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Future Leaders of Tomorrow: Leading By Example

On Saturday, March 26, 2016, the members of Future Leaders of Tomorrow (F.L.O.T) hosted a Kid’s Day (Day in the Park) Event at the 5th Avenue Park in Lumberton. This was a fun-filled event that had plenty of food, entertainment and information to help uplift the community. The event included speeches, performances, voter registration, performances, crawfish, barbeque and a Easter egg hunt. Lumberton is featured on WDAM all the time but for some reason, this event didn’t make the news. I wonder why???? This group of dedicated, caring, community minded individuals gave of their time and resources to provide a positive day of fellowship for the children of Lumberton and surrounding areas and the event was a GREAT SUCCESS! Kudos to the Future Leaders of Tomorrow because they are Lifting Up the City of Lumberton Through TRUE Leadership. Maybe those at city hall should take notes. I heard they are going to host a similar event in Poplarville. Their desire to spread u…

Future Leaders of Tomorrow: Kid's Day 2016

President Abraham Lincoln said "The best way to predict to predict the future is to create it." Well, that's exactly what the Future Leaders of Tomorrow are doing...Creating a Better Future! On Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the 5th Avenue Community Park in Lumberton, the Future Leaders of Tomorrow will host/sponsor Kid's Day for the children of Lumberton, Purvis, Poplarville and other surrounding cities. There will be guest speakers on hand to educate everyone about the importance of voting, there will be several people on their grills, including Jake Bolton, there will be music provided by Marcus D, there will be an Easter egg hunt and did I mention there will be plenty of food, games and other activities for the kids. The event will start at 12 noon so bring your kids out to see Leadership in Action! It's good that there are some in Lumberton that are working to preserve the past (Lumberton Museum) but the Future Leaders of Tomorrow are working to create…

Zee Day

In case you didn't know it today is ZEE DAY! Who is Zee? Well, I'm glad you asked. Zee is Zarian Phlegm. He's 10 years old, lives in the City of Poplarville and is the sone of Derwin and Shantel Phlegm. I have never met Zee but I have gotten to know him through the posts on his mother's Facebook page. His grandmother, the late Mary Phlegm-Toney, used to beam whenever she spoke of her grandson. Zee was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect charcaterized by the improper development of the spine. On yesterday, this courageous young man endured his 45th surgery but he always manages to keep a smile on his face. There were days when I wanted to have a pity party and I would scroll through Facebook and see Zee with that infectious smile and it would give me the courage to keep pressing forward. I would like to thank his parents, Derwin and Shantel, for sharing his journey on social media because seeing him endure such hardship with an expression of joy has encouraged me man…

GCB's: Good Christian Bigots

Last week the Mississippi primaries were held. The day almost went off without a hitch until it was later discovered that the ballots were incorrect in District 25 that allowed residents that were not supposed to vote help select the next representative for their district. Either at the beginning or end of the year, Secretary of State, Delbert Hoseman, released information with details about how the upcoming elections would be handled to ensure integrity in the election process. Well, not a month after his so-called election reform, there were two highly contested elections. One was the District 79 election where incumbent Blaine Eaton II and Mark Tullos settled the election results by drawing of straws; an event that was presided over by Gov. Phil Bryant and Delbert Hoseman. Eaton was declared the victor but in a strange twist of event, Tullos, a Republican, was not pleased with the drawing of lots and challenged the results by allowing a Republican majority to decide the o…