As a concerned citizen of Lumberton, I blog about what is taking place in this city. Through this blog, I hope to inspire real leadership in those serving at City Hall. I believe that those elected to serve us should surround themselves with the most talented people and the the best ideas to develop Lumberton's immense potential. I will bolg with respect and work to nurture a network of new activism from within and outside city government.
When residents go to an elected official for help, they are seeking respect and efficient service. And when city employees go to work, they want and deserve leadership that inpsires personal and professional development that actively engages them in making Lumberton better. It is easy to place the burden of accountability on the individuals on the frontlines--in the offices and at the counters. I beleive that many of municiple employees work hard to do an excellent job for our city, but there are also those that are willing to get by on being average. Whatever the case may be, our elected leaders need to set a better example of commitment and respect for others to follow.
I am aware that I can be self-centered, arrogant, impatient, hot-tempered,and a little needy, but I can also be kind, loving, generous to a fault, and the best friend in the world. It is my belief that if you are not willing to deal with me at my worst moments, then you do not deserve my best.

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