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Good Riddance: The End of the Age of Ignorance

Today is officially the last day of the current Mayor and Board of Alderpersons. I also heard that today is also Danny Davis' last day as Public Works Director. If the rumor is true then I can truly say that things are already getting better for the City of Lumberton. I'm sure Danny think he's crippling the City of Lumberton by resigning before the new board takes office but he's actually helping the City of Lumberton Move Forward. Since the inception of this blog, Davis "quit" his job several times because he knew at least one board member would beg him to return. It's amazing that he claimed month after month, year after year that he loved this city but words are meaningless if they're not supported by your actions. If he loved this city, there would be an employee at the Public Works Department that had the education, experience and expectation to carry on in his steed but Davis made sure that the ones t…

How Low (Hoye) Can You Go? : Receipts Editon

I remember when I decided to start the Lumberton Informer. I was sitting at the barber shop, now Tina's Salon, and I was talking about the election with Wade. During the discussion, he asked me what did I think about the election. At that time, we were weeks away from the election but I told him that I didn't trust Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson because I felt they were running to serve Ben Winston and Paul Ockmond. I also told him I was waiting to see who's the third partner and it was later revealed through their voting pattern that Kent Crider was their other partner in crime. So, their attempt to control the City of Lumberton has been in the works for years; it didn't just happen. I told Wade that I needed to establish a forum where we can hold elected officials accountable. Over the years, I've gotten many things wrong because my access to public information was often restricted. As a matter of fact, there's a current investigation …

Banned By MRHA 8: More Illegal Activities

Just received a call from a person that was informed that he was "BANNED" from Pecan Ridge. I asked him a few questions and from what he told me, the manger did not follow the proper procedures. I contacted the Lumberton Police Department and they told me that the manager gave them a copy of the ban list and I requested a copy. For some reason, tenants are told they could be evicted for allowing people on the ban list to visit but the tenants are not given a copy of the actual ban list. Recently, a tenant with health issues was about to get evicted because of the ban list but no one had a copy of the list saying the person that visited her unit was banned. I haven't received a copy of the ban list but once I receive a copy I will not post the names because I don't want them to get violated.....again. It's enough that their names is printed on a paper without due process but I will contact as many of them as I possibly can to see if I could get them to fi…


People were worried about Ben Carson becoming the Director of HUD (Housing and Urban Development) but it's the snakes that are already working in the housing business that you should be concerned about. Over the past two weeks, I received calls from individuals that were able to give me very specific details about the issues I'm having with management at Pecan Ridge, a MRHA 8 property. They were able to give me details about letters that were faxed to the main office in Gulfport, MS, they knew what information I submitted was accepted and/or rejected, they knew about the exact amounts of the rent I was charged and the adjustments that were made. Now how did this information get out of the office and became water cooler talk at city hall and beyond? I know I didn't discuss the matter with anyone but somehow people know exact details that were sent via fax or mailed directly to the office in Gulfport. Maybe the information was left on the fa…

MRHA 8: Manipulation, Retaliation, Harassment, Archy

Just one week ago, the citizens of Lumberton voted to #MoveLumbertonForward but the agents of MRHA 8 and others are trying to derail that change. I've been adjusting to my recent win while dealing with rumors on top of rumors. After getting calls from people outside the State of Mississippi and receiving screenshots from various conversations on social media, I decided to do a little investigation. I've barely had time to settle down and embrace the change that the citizens of Lumberton voted for on June 6, 2017 but it seems that I have yet another fight on my hands. LeaAnn Jones-Ulmer, a member of the LEDC and an employee of the MRHA 8, was allegedly going around telling people that I wasn't going to be able to represent Ward 3 because they're [MRHA 8] going to make sure I'm evicted. Keep in mind that a few months ago, I filed a report with the MRHA 8 regional manager about the fact that Ulmer was discussing my files with people on …