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Review of the November 6, 2018 Board Meeting: The Favors and F***buddies Edition

I just got home from the board meeting. There was a chilly reception from my fellow board member but that generally happens when people are discussing you when you're not present. All I got to say is politics make strange bed fellows.

Recap of March 6, 2018 Board Meeting:

According to Facebook, the regularly scheduled monthly meeting for March was supposed to be one of the most anticipated meetings since getting elected as an Alderman but that was not the case. There were several news outlets there so the narrative they're establishing for the City of Lumberton will probably continue for the rest of the week or until the next scandal. Hopefully, they's no more scandals for a long time but time will tell. Every seat was filled sans two seats on the front row, but a lot was covered and discovered during the March meeting. Here's a recap of some of the matters discussed and voted on at last night's meeting: The Day in the Park at 5th Avenue was approved. Elaine Robinson spoke and invited everyone to participate and donate towards the event. She said there will be an Easter egg hunt, food and fun for everyone from every community. Alderwoman at Large, Tina Speights, asked the board members to rent port-a-potties for the event sin…

Chief Shane Flynt: A Political Scandal???

One week ago, the City of Lumberton became the subject of the viral news because of a video that surfaced, featuring Chief Shane Flynt. WDAM sent their overzealous reporter to Lumberton after they received the video from a person they would only describe as a WDAM viewer. Surprisingly, when they arrived in Lumberton early Tuesday morning, Mayor Rogers was conveniently at City Hall. When I was out of town at the time, but I received calls saying WDAM was at City Hall and they were talking to the Mayor. Before they could go into any details, I quickly glanced at the time and said "the Mayor is at city hall this early?" At that point, I knew the reason WDAM was in Lumberton was not going to be good because it's very rare for Mayor Rogers to darken the doors of City Hall before noon. Before I could make it back to Lumberton, I received a call from an telephone number I didn't recognize and it was Mike McDaniel from WDAM. He wanted to know if I wanted to g…