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Lumberton, Mississippi: PROUD and PREJUDICED

Let me make or break your end of the year celebration. I decided to post for several reasons. Today is the anniversary of the special call election that resulted in the Kent Crider becoming Mayor of Lumberton. I was trying to add the link of his campaign promises from Hattiesburg American but the link didn't work for some reason. Despite Crider's claim that he was the only person that could ensure the City of Lumberton secured the $2.5 million dollar Army Corp of Engineer Grant, here we are one year later and no work on sewer system but we're still getting monthly reports about the never ending leaks throughout the City of Lumberton. Oh wait....the project is now slated for January 2017 or close to election time along with the unicorn sightings of new businesses that's looking to come to a city that's losing its school. Yeah. Keep dangling that carrot for the goats that follow you. Hopefully, the elected officials of the City of Lumberton will go w…

Mother's Appreciation Dinner f/Charles Carter

The Future Leaders of Tomorrow strikes again. They're hosting a Mother's Appreciation Banquet featuring Charles "CC" Carter. The Future Leaders of Tomorrow are stepping it up and expressing their respect for that level of sisterhood that's been holding up our neighborhood. They know that if it wasn't for our mothers there would be no brothers and if it wasn't for our sisters there will be no misters. So, they're inviting ALL mothers to come to theBen Barrett Community Center770 E. Main StreetLumberton, MS 39455Sunday, December 11, 20163:00 p.m.Come "Dressed to Impress" and enjoy the celebration of the power, beauty and essence of Womanhood.

Pearls Before Swine: Time to Clear the Water

Apples don't fall far from the tree. On Tuesday, when I arrived at city hall, there was a meeting in progress. As I rushed to go live, Danny "Daniel" Davis aka Triple D was raising more hell than a peg leg man on a tin roof because he realized he's finally disposable. Triple D has spent 30 years destroying the Public Works Department, making sure he never hire anyone that's capable of taking over the reigns of the Public Works Department. In other words, he stacked the deck to ensure he's always in control. When the board woke up and finally grew weary of the complaints about "certain" cemeteries not getting proper maintenance, reports of people taking home the city owned lawn mowers to cut their grass, water meters not getting read and Danny's perpetual cry that he's understaffed. I think we've had reports of water leaks for the past 10 years. At some point it seems like the leaks would be fixed. Sadly, there's little trus…

Hornet Fever: History in Action

The Lumberton Panthers just finished a stellar season but failed to obtain their 5th State Championship title. Saturday, our neighbor, Poplarville Hornets, will make attempt to crown their historic season with their first State Championship Game. It has been reported that the 2016 Poplarville Hornets displayed accomplishments on the football field that have never been seen in the history of the program. I've heard a lot about the Poplarville Hornets, quarterback Antonio Barnes and their outstanding season; their combination of skill, tenacity, sportsmanship and great coaching staff resulted in an unforgettable season. Kudos to Coach Jay Beech and everyone that contributed to this season of excellence. Many of us have friends and family that resides in Poplarville and tomorrow we will either be at the game or cheer for the Hornets from our homes as they take their spot in the arena to claim the title of the Best 4A Football Team in the State of M…

Lumberton Panthers: Going for the Gold

The Lumberton Panthers are about to take the field and battle for the title of State 1A Champs. The entire City of Lumberton is proud of the team. Some of you are currently in Starksville, waiting for the gladiators (Lumberton Panthers) to enter the arena and claim another victory. If you were not able to attend the game, it will stream live on-line and WDAM will also broadcast the game. This week, I featured some of the players on the team but we all know there's no I in team. Collectively, the entire team, coaching staff, cheerleaders, band, parents and fans have propelled the Lumberton Panthers to the spot they hold today; positioned to claim another championship victory for the City of Lumberton. Here's a list of the Lumberton Panthers: J.Tribbett (QB), D.Edwards (RB, ILB), D. Coleman (RB/LB), R. Coleman (RB/DB), K. Fairley (RB/ILB), J. Galloway (RB/ILB), D.Bucker (WR/DB), J. Buckley (RB/CB), T. Toney (CB/FS/WR), C. Bowens (DB/WR), E. Joseph (WR/DB), M.…

Making History with Montaye

On Friday, the Lumberton Panthers will travel to Starksville to battle Simmons for the State Championship trophy. The Lumberton Panthers are seeking their 5th State Championship. This is no small feat. It was brought to my attention the other day that this championship game will be one for the history books because Montaye Cooke will be the first female to play in a State Championship game. So we have a lot to cheer for. We hope our boys and girl will bring home another championship trophy.If you're planning on attending the game, today is the last day to purchase discounted tickets from Lumberton High School. Since the school receives a portion of the proceeds, purchase a ticket even if you're not attending the game. Also, if you ordered a t-shirt for the game, you can pick them up at the school as well. Today is the last day of school this week and there will be a grand pep rally at 1:30 pm for the Lumberton Panthers. Come out and show y…