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Is this what causes swine flu?


Miriam R. Holder for Mayor of Lumberton

The next Mayor of the City of Lumberton will inherit a set of conditions that are both unique and daunting for any city. Saddled with limited powers, the next mayor must respond to residents's demands for improvements in economic development, municipal services and public safety; foster social cohesion in a demographically changing city; and work with the Lumberton City Council to keep the city on a responsible financial course. That tall order calls for a SMART chief executive with a commitment to all parts of the city, an appreciation of the inner workings of the city and the enery to work full time on behalf of its people for the next four years. I believe that Miriam Holder can be that kind of mayor.
Establishment of advisory boards cannot mask an unhealthy estrangement of large segments of the community from the city's leadership. There is turmoil among the youth that curfews won't cure. Miriam Holder understands all that.
There is more to Miriam Holder tha…

Highlight of May 19, 2009 Board Meeting

The board meeting was filled with informative information that many of the citizens of Lumberton need to know.

Stephanie C. Mullings addressed the board about the notices that were sent to local businesses regarding their expired privilege license. We were told that it was a political move, but it was discovered that it was a personal issue regarding Larry Strahan and his son. Apparently, Strahan, Jr. wants to continue paying $20 for his license, but Stephanie stated that since his business was considered a transient business (meaning it operates for 6 months or less per year) his license would cost $250. So, this was upsetting to the current mayor, and he felt that our Deputy Clerk did not have the authority to send out the notices. Stephanie Mullins reported that 12 of the business owners had come into City Hall to pay for their privilege license.

Ronnie Lloyd addressed the board about purchasing the Lumberton Hospital. He stated that he wanted to use the building as a site for…

Slideshow of Political Debate

Candelight Vigil Against Violence: In Memory of Kewaii Rogers-Buckner

A candle-light vigil will be held Sunday, May 31, 2009 in the memory of Kewaii Rogers. The event will begin at 5:00 p.m. at the Lumberton High School Gym, and will continue through Main Street and end at Wood Hinton Park.

Oh Kewaii, you're now an advocate
you did not die in vain.
Your message is so loud and clear
to stop violence again.

Kewaii, as we remember you
in our memory,
And as you fly on eagle's wings
you are now truly free.

Mayorial Candidate: Miriam R. Holder

Miriam R. Holder wants to be the next mayor for the City of Lumberton. When she addressed the crowd, she stated that "This is where I grew up, where I was married, where I taught for over 30 years and where my grandchildren attend public school today. This is where I have lived my life and followed my family's tradition of community-based public service. I know what this city is, I know what it has been, and I know what it can still become. " Miriam stated that we are in this together.
Because no matter who we were, who we are, or who we want to become, we’ve got one thing in common – and that’s the future of Lumberton. Because I believe that the power that unites us is stronger than the issues that might divide us.

Mayorial Candidate: Al Young

The pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, Pastor Al Young, wants to be the next mayor for the City of Lumberton. He stated that he felt it was ridiculous to think that a pastor couldn't serve as Mayor. He stated that he has the accouting background necessary to help review the city's financial situation. Al Young stated that he want to get the matters of the city under control, that he has the ability to offer a new kind of leadership, and that he is willing to work with those willing to work with the him. He stated that he is for the advancements throughout the city, and he is a big proponent of the airport, and would like to see the expansion of the airport to bring more economic growth to the city.

Mayoral Candidates: Larry Strahan (Incumbent)

Larry Strahan wants to serve as Mayor of Lumberton. He thanked the pastor of Gateway Baptist Church, Rev. Buddy Peters, for his support and advice during the last city election. Larry Stahan stated that he has served well as mayor, and that he has done a wonderful job. He stated that he has enjoyed working at City Hall, and that there have been so much bickering among the board members, and that is the reason why we don't have a city clerk. Larry Strahan stated that he has corrected the problems in the police department,the city clerk's office and that he is the best candidate to serve as Mayor of Lumberton. He stated that he is proud of the work that is being done by One Lumberton, and that we need to realize the importance regarding seperation of state and church.

Alderwoman at Large Candidate: Cora Rogers

Cora Rogers was, by far, the most impressive candidate for the position of Alderman at Large. She gave a rousing speech on her views for the City of Lumberton. She outlined her experience as a business woman, and how she would use that experience to serve the City of Lumberton. She stated that we need representatives on the board that would serve the citizens with dignity and respect. Cora Rogers want to return Lumberton's government to the people of Lumberton. She want to use her 11 years of grant experience to help create jobs and build Lumberton's economy. She has personally stimulated the ecomony of the City of Lumberton by employing 40 people through her childcare business. Also, Cora Rogers want to create a new leadership of trust in Lumberton. In my opinion, a great leader does three things: They Grow, they show, and they know; I could't think of a better way to describe Cora Rogers. She will use her education, talents, professional skills, and life experi…

Alderman at Large Candidate: Hank Vann

Hank Vann stated his speech by displaying his voter registration card. He stated that he is "lgegally" a resident of the City of Lumberton. He also stated that he also owns a home on Little Black Creek, and that it is up for sale. He stated that if the house sales, he would move back into the city limits full time. So, once again, he stated that he is "legally" a resident of Lumberton. He stated that he has known Bobby Gibson for a long time and that he is running because he feels that he is the best qualified for the position.

Alderman at Large Candidate: Bobby Gibson

Bobby Gibson is seeking election as the next Alderman at Large. He stated that the City of Lumberton is like a sore on a person with diabetes; it takes a long time to heal. Bobby Gibson stated that he reqret not running for office a long time ago, and that he would not let this opportunity pass him by. Bobby Gibson has been active in city government for a long time. He has been a part of the Lumberton Planning and Zoning Commission and he regularly attends the board meetings. Bobby Gibson believe that this city can become a gem if city officials would set aside personal agenda, and do what is right for the city to grow.

Ward 4 Candidate: Timothy L. Johnson

Timothy Johnson wants to be the next alderman of Ward 4. He stated that he is committed, concerned and qualified. He has been a resident of Lumberton for 10 years. He is married to the Stephanie Winston-Johnson. He is the father of four daughters and one son. He is a member of Sweet Beulah Baptist Church, where he serves as a Youth Minister, Sunday School Teacher and Deacon. He stated that he adopted the mantra that was taught at Piney Woods School: "Educate the head, the heart, and the hands." Timothy Johnson proclaimed that this is where he lives, and this is where he want to serve.

Ward 4 Candidate: Beverly Burnette

Beverly Burnette is one of the candidates seeking election as Alderperson of Ward 4. She stated that she is concerned about the community and the lack of attention that has been given to the area of the city. She stated that the playground area is dilapidated, and that many of the roads are filled with potholes and inadequate lighting. She is for economic development and she want something done to ensure that this city can become the source of pride for every resident of Lumberton. Beverly's biggest advantage is that she was born and raised in Lumberton. She stated that "she will wisely consider decisions before giving her vote." She stated that her vote will not only affect her and her family but the familes of people she has known all of her life. Beverly Burnette stated that she has lived in Ward 4 for over 20 years, and that is her home and she is there becasue she want to be a voice for the citizens of Ward 4.

Ward 3 Canidate: Quincy Rogers (Incumbent)

There are two candidates seeking election as Alderman of Ward 3, but Alderman Rogers was the only candidate for Ward 3 present for the debate. The forum was an opportunity for the citizens to get to know those seeking election but there was still moments when there was some mud-slinging taking place. I was thoroughly impressed how Alderman Rogers handled many of the questions directed towards him by the One Lumberton moderator. Quincy stated that "this election will begin a new era of accoutability for the City of Lumberton. An era where we no long judge ourselves by the times of the past, but against what we want our future to look like." Alderman Rogers stated that there is promise in Lumberton, and that he is willing to work with anyone, that is for the advancement of the City of Lumberton. He also stated that he attend the regularly called board meeting, but since his job requires him to travel to remote areas of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina, …

Ward 2 Candiate: Rebecca Hale

Rebecca Hale is seeking to serve as Alderwoman of Ward 2. She returned to the City of Lumberton over 6 years ago. She stated that she is saddened about the direction the city is taking. She think the city is in need of a face lift. She feels that the city needs to make an effort to be more attractive to the residents and visitors. "Many people coming to this city are not encouraged to stay." Rebecca Hale stated that she is running for office because she wants to serve her community. She is ready to pursue revitalization throughout the entire city. She stated that we need to clean and promote every corner of this city, not just certain areas.

Ward 2 Candidate: Stanley Rayborn (Incumbent)

Stanley is currently serving as Alderman of Ward 2. He stated that he has served for 10 years. When he addressed the audience, he told about the condition of the city when he first became an alderman. He also stated that the reason many small towns are struggling financially is becasue of the Wal-Mart syndrome. "So many of the mom and pop stores have not been able to stay open becasue people think that everything is cheaper at Wal-Mart." Stanley also addressed the opportunities that is being brought into the city through Gold Cost Skydivers. The majority of his speech was dealing with the airport and the need to get more funding to the airport. Stanley stated that if he did not feel good about something he voted for, he would apologize to the citizens and try to correct his mistake.

Ward 1 Candidate

Kent Crider is the only candidate running for the post of Alderman of Ward 1, so he will be the person replacing E.Nell Busby when the new board is sworn in in June.

Meet The Candidates

On Saturday, May 16, 2009, the citizens of Lumberton had the opportunity to meet the candidates that are seeking election on June 2, 2009. The candidates were given the opportunity to give their platforms, and address the public on how they would govern, if elected. The main theme of the event was unity. Everyone stated that they would be willing to work with other elected officials in order to move the city forward. In my opinion, the event was a success. I got the opportunity to hear directly from each candidate, and formulate an idea on who would best serve as an advocate for the city.

National Day of Prayer