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Consolidation Discombobulation: What's Really Going On?

Today, at 10:00 a.m., the first meeting regarding the consolidation and/or dissolution of the Lumberton School District was held at William Carey University. There were plenty of citizens there from Lumberton. Noticeably absent were the retired/self-employed elected officials of Lumberton. Purvis and Poplarville both had elected officials present and District 2 Supervisor, Warren Byrd, was also in attendance. At the beginning of the meeting, it was stated that the citizens present were not allowed to participate in the conversation. We were told that any concerns we had about the process should be addressed to the Superintendent of our school. Based on Dr. Linda Smith insistence to have Ben Winston appointed as the representative of Lumberton, I don’t think she’s looking out for the best interest of Lumberton. As a matter of fact, I think her main concern is her position and not the people but that’s just my opinion.The meeting started at a glacial pace because it seemed th…

Tresa's Treats: Addictively Delicious

Let me let you in on a little secret....the best treats in Lumberton are come from Tresa's Treats. Just the other week, I was minding my business, scrolling through Facebook and I happened upon the page of Andres Arnold when I was stopped in my tracks after seeing these delectable chocolate covered strawberries. I immediately commented because I had to have me some. I told her that I was on my way and as soon as I posted the comment, I was headed out the door. Moments later, I was knocking on her door, waiting to get my hands on those strawberries. While I was there, she just finished baking a batch of chocolate pecan cookies and she gave me some to sample. When I got home, I immediately poured me a glass of cold milk and devoured the cookies and I had forgotten about the chocolate strawberries. I was mesmerized by the immense flavor of the cookies; the flavors lingered in my mind and I had to get more. I eventually got around to the chocolate covered strawberries, thankfully, I h…

Anatomy of a Dymon

Traditionally, the four characteristics of a diamond are color, cut, clarity and carats but in Lumberton we know that the TRUE characteristics of a Dymon is dedication, determination, drive and dexterity. In case you missed Sunday's edition of the Hattiesburg American, it was noted that Lumberton's seniors earned $718, 000 in scholarships and leading the pack with over $200,000 in scholarships was none other than Dymon Buckley. When I added up the number of scholarships, I was astonished. I was almost as astonished when I heard that Dymon was not the selected as the Valedictorian of Lumberton's Class of 2016. Please keep in mind that I am in no way trying to take away the accomplishments of the person that was selected as the Valedictorian but since he and Dymon were the only two with college course work under their belts, it seemed odd that they both were not selected as Valedictorians because everyone knows, well everyone except those at LHS calculating grade point avera…

Lumberton Dixie Youth Car Show and Adult Tee Ball Tournament: June 18, 2016

Are you looking for something to do on Saturday, June 18, 2016, then look no further. Wright's Custom Woodwork is hosting the Lumberton Dixie Youth Car Show and Adult Tee Ball Tournament at Wood-Hinton Park. There will be plenty of vendors, activities, games and treats for everyone (I heard there will be funnel cakes on deck....Yum-O.) This event will also help support the Lumberton Dixie Youth so come out and show your support and help make this event a success. If scheduling permits, Lumberton's own, Bobby Ducote and Lil Legend will be there as well. Hope to see you there. I will be somewhere by the funnel cake vendor.

Review of the June 7, 2016 Board Meeting: The TROLL in ConTROLL Edition

I'm a little late posting a review of the latest board meeting but not much has changed. As I was sitting there I was thinking about the sheer incompetence of the city clerk, Merlene Wall and that fact that she's going to become a certified clerk in a few weeks and she has no idea of how to operate the BBI system. She's totally incompetent and has the full support of an idiot board; as a matter of fact, they're actually planning on hiring an accountant to do her job in a city that does not have enough money for a full police department or public works department but they have plenty of money to fix the problems of Lumberton's money pit, Merlene Wall. Of course the board members are aware that this is their final year in office and there's another election coming up in 2017 so they're scrambling to purchase police cars and other things in hopes that the shiny new things will help you forget about their ineptitude over the past three years. As I listened to t…