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Mary Ball: A Legacy of Excellence

The purpose of life is to matter, to be productive, to be useful, to have it make some difference that you lived and it's evident that Mary Ball is walking in her purpose. After 42 years of faithful service, Ball has retired from Bancorp South. At some point, Mary Ball, has touched the lives of everyone in the City of Lumberton. Her presence, caring, concern and graciousness is the common thread that has developed the beautiful tapestry of customer service at Bancorp South. For many of us, Mary Ball is the reason why we stayed with our local bank. Over the years, she has helped us open out bank accounts, balance our books, reminded us of events happening in Lumberton, helped with our deposits, withdrawals and sometimes an overdraft. After getting comforted by Mary Ball, the sting of an overdraft fee didn't hurt as much. We would take the hit and her advice to closely monitor our spending. Winston Churchill said that "We make a living by what we get, but we make…

Giving Up The Guard: Ghosts of Election's Past

After winning the special election with 20 out of 33 votes, Susan Crittendon will be sworn in as the new alderperson of Ward 2 in Lumberton. The seat was vacated by the notorious stealer of lighters, Hugh Jay McGraw. I didn't see a lot of news coverage regarding the election since it was practically a drama free event, but I noticed Kent Crider's go to reporter, Haskel Burns, stringed an article together in the Hattiesburg American but most of the story was about the previous special election that had questionable results. I guess we're still reminded of the Ghosts of Election's Past and the asterisk that will forever loom over the tainted election. During the special election, Linda Knight was clueless regarding her responsibilities as the Election Commissioner for the City of Lumberton so she conceded her duties and allowed Merlene Wall, the dumb-witted city clerk that cannot operate BBI or prepare a budget, to run the election. Let's not forget about Mary S…