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Review of October 21, 2014 Meeting: This Is Not Adding Up Edition

If your spouse told you not to get on to this blog this post is not intended for you. Now for the rest of the readers the meeting went as follows:The board meeting started with an order to approve the transfer of $15,000 from WSOM account to the general fund. The motion was approved. After the motion to transfer another $15,000 from WSOM, Jay McGraw, the unofficial city clerk (I guess thats why he and Melissa butted heads), went into a tirade about how much money the city was receiving from various grant programs but I guess he forgot that he and the majority of the board voted to close those accounts, so how will the money get deposited; especially the anticipated grant money? The majority of this post will have references to the video of the meetings; so if you havent watched the video, I would advise you to do so. Somehow, during the confusing explanation about the need to borrow more money from WSOM, it was revealed that WSOM actually owes money to the general fund. Now, we have…

Review of October 7, 2014 Board Meeting: You Knew I Had to Blog About This Edition

I posted videos of the board meeting but since they were not posted in order, I still needed to post a review of the board meeting. Alderman Jay McGraw was not present for this meeting. Ms. Tess Smith addressed the board first. she wanted to let everyone know she was up for re-election as the Lamar County Superintendent and she wanted everyone to support her election bid. I will be interviewing Tess later and will have a blog of our interview. Bro. W. McRaney addressed the board about his Round Up for Jesus Ministry. He wanted local churches to give back to the community. He said that when he was Chief Investigator for Treasure Hunt/Hudson's, he recommended the closing of Lumberton's Dirt Cheap but he said he's willing to work to try and get one back in the City of Lumberton. There was an order to discuss and vote to allow the city clerk to put an ad in the newspaper regarding the Flood Plan Notice as recommended by Jason Hicks, grant writer. Mayor Winston wanted to vo…

The Lying King and the Burglary Ring

Every year at the beginning of fall, I think about the biblical quote in the Book of Jeremiah, "The harvest is past. The summer is ended. And we are not saved." (Jer. 8:20) What is it going to take to save the City of Lumberton? The aspect of blogging has become daunting because I have grown weary of pointing out violation of laws over and over again. There are board members that want more done about those that are allowed to walk free despite their continual violation of the law. Well, I feel if it's good enough for the goose, it's good enough for the gander. Why are city officials allowed to walk around freely despite breaking the laws at almost every meeting? If you're not upset about one, then you shouldn't be ruffling your feathers about the other. How many more times must I scream about the misappropriation of funds, lack of moral fiber, disregard of the statutes governing a code charter municipality, lack of accountability, a misguided city clerk, an…