Review of the July 7, 2016 Board Meeting: The PMS (Poor Management Syndrome) Edition

I know today is July 6, 2016, but according to the printed agenda that was handed out, last night’s meeting will not take place until tomorrow, July 7, 2016 hence the PMS edition. The first agenda item was to conduct an informal workshop regarding information received at the MML 2016 Conference. The second agenda item was, according to Johnny Buckley, to implement a practice that was allegedly discussed at the MML Conference and that included having a time clock installed specifically for the police department. I thought they were setting a meeting for these changes but they decided that they couldn’t wait and should immediately attack the police department; even Cora Rogers saw through the bullcrap and she’s often blinded by ignorance.

On the surface, it would seem that one or more of the aldermen had a vendetta against the police department. Did one of the officers dare to give an alderman or a member of their family a ticket? But once the conversation began, it was clear that Merlene Wall was throwing around the weight of her padded orthopedic bra in an effort to prove that she’s the Biggest Boob in Lumberton and she’s running things. Just so we’re clear, the Lumberton Police officers clock in via computer and they also must call Lamar County dispatch to let them know they are on duty. Unfortunately, this system of checks and balances is not enough. Buckley made claims that those two methods were not enough and they needed their own set of checks and balances. In other words, Merlene lacks the comprehension needed to understand the login via a computer and she want to monitor the hours of the police department. In the meantime, the clerks in her office are allowed to write in their time on a sheet of paper. Interesting. By the way, this new system of checks and balances does not apply to the Public Works Department either, just the police department; you know, the ones that risk their lives every day they come to work to serve and protect. Anywho, the measure passed because Crider’s Clowns (Jay McGraw, Johnny Buckley and Chief Coon Tommy Dukes) will vote for anything that don’t make any sense. By the way, Jay McGraw voted yes and then wanted to know if they could wait to implement it after they had the meeting about the MML Conference. He’s been on the board long enough to know that if he wanted the matter delayed, he should have voted no and the measure would have failed. Don’t you hate it when people pretend they want to help?

Each department head gave their reports. Oh, I forgot to mention, in addition to the through report Chief Cowart gives each month, they also want a breakdown of each arrest, ticket and citation given so they can “determine” if the city need more police officers. Seriously? Merlene gave her monthly water bill report because she don’t have a clue as to how much money is in any accounts. At one point, she thought Danny Davis and his crew should be applauded because they were able to disconnect 58 families water due to non-payment of bills. How about a round of applause! (sarcasm fully intended) Speaking of applause, Merlene thanked the board of aldermen for spending thousands of dollars sending her to training classes, having BBI come train her again in the office, wasting tax dollars on a red-headed chimp that can’t access BBI or prepare a budget because she has graduated and is not a certified city clerk. Those were not her exact words but the silence in the room as she made the announcement and the fact that no one on the board congratulated her on her accomplishment spoke volumes. Bravo Dum Dum! The fact that you are now a certified clerk is a glaring reminder of the waste of revenue at city hall. As you know, it’s July and we’re months behind on budget workshops; what’s the problem? Oh I forgot, they’re doing everything they can to hire an accountant to prepare the budget because our newly certified city clerk is clueless about the process.

The board voted to allow Kent Crider to give a report. Crider said that citizens can come to city hall to report blighted properties. Wasn’t that what the planning and zoning committee was doing but Johnny Buckley didn’t want to file the reports because there wasn’t any money in it for him. Crider also said that he’s getting help from Lamar County in regards to clean up of the dilapidated properties. It seems that Crider is serving as the new building code inspector/enforcer. Shouldn’t Punk @$$ Paul be doing this? Oh wait, he wasn’t hired to do any actual work. He’s just there to make sure that his property and Ben’s property are not targeted.

The minutes were approved. Despite not knowing what’s in the budget, the board approved the following: unpaid claims $24,806.89 (General Fund), $57,711.60 (WSOM); paid claims $68,696.32 (General Fund), $26,038.91 (WSOM); payroll $30,189.65 (General Fund), $14,798.96 (WSOM). Water deposit refunds were approved and the board went into executive session. During executive session, they discussed a matter regarding the rude treatment of a customer by a deputy clerk. The board decided to let Merlene handle the matter which means nothing will be done. The board opened bids submitted to complete work on the museum. There were three bids submitted and since the funds are from donations, they’re not required to accept the lowest bid; the entire process seems a bit questionable but hopefully, the Lumberton contractor will actually get the bid.


  1. It's interesting that Merlene mentioned that Danny cut off 58 water accounts in one day. Bravo but that's his job when the bill ain't paid. But here's the other side of the story. They were always capable of shutting off all delinquent accounts in one day but they chose not to. They made sure they cut off the black resident's accounts first and the white accounts would be held until the next day but somehow the white account holders would be at city hall the next saying paying their bills before the cutoff avoiding a reconnection fee. It's been going on since the days of Joanne Ladner but Merlene wanted congratulations for them actually doing their job.

  2. Could we get more details on the way Melissa is treating customers? I thought when it happened you were going to blog about it but I guess you didn't know or was waiting to see how it played out. I know you don't blog about everything but I think the public should know that Melissa is letting her husband sit behind the desk at city hall and she even gave him city documents to deliver. Is he up there so much that he's bonded as a city official? What kind of man sits at his wife's job all day to gossip with a bunch of women?

  3. I heard that you are shutting down the Lumberton Informer. Is that true? Are you planning on running next year?

  4. Johnny Buckley is the single biggest uneducated, idiotic, corrupt scumbag that has ever breathed air. Here's a word of advice, go check his criminal record in Louisiana and you'll find out all you need to know about him. Not to mention what's probably hiding on his computer.


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