Scammers, Shysters and Shavers

If you fit any of these categories, Ben Winston wants you. I'm all for thinking outside the box and giving people a second chance but to say a person's past does not matter and you're about to hand over access to confidential information is problematic. A few months ago, everyone was in a frenzy because Mayor Ben Winston allegedly said there's no smart people in Lumberton. Based on his actions, it's easy to see that he actually belive that statement. Otherwise, he would stop trying to bring shysters to the board meetings with the idea that they're the only ones that can save Lumberton. I know the board membets that vote in your favor are not researching your business partners but contrary to your beliefs, there are some of us that are smart enough to utilize Google. In case Ben hasn't noticed, I don't scare easily. I've had to deal with former church members commissioning people to egg my car, threaten to do me bodily harm, claim I tried to hit them with my car. I've also had to battle a crooked administration that didn't care that Hobson lied on his job application; they fired a good chief to promote a person with a history of violence. As a matter of fact, they also hired his girlfriend. Once you deal with a board supported police chief and city clerk that would allegedly dig through $750,000 worth of delinquent tickets to have you arrested for a parking ticket, you're not easily phased by a mayor that's biligerently screaming and beating on the podium like a silver back gorilla.

As I stated yesterday, don't take my word, Google John Shavers. I have received a lot of information since yesterday's post. All that glitters ain't gold and every time someone has a deal that's too good to be true, it usually is. Remember that excellent deal on insurance that ended up costing the city to pay for two policies? If I'm wrong, I would be more than happy to post a retraction. But help me understand how hauling used military equipment from California is going to help Lumberton? Did they miss the part when Shavers said he charges a fee to haul the item and charge $5/mile? That's the reason why he need the City of Lumberton to open an account to cover his fees. The City of Lumberton couldn't haul the old garbage truck 10 miles to have it scrapped but now they can pay to haul items from California. Another problem, Shavers said the money would benefit the police department. The police department does mot have a separate account, which means the money will be deposited into the general fund. Wasn't a truck seized by the police department and paid for by the police department given to the public works department despite objections by the chief of police? If this scam is adopted by the board, the items and any profits will be used by other departments. Over the course of a day, I have received copies of cases/judgements against Shavers and his companies JESCO and J5Global. I've also received copies of the bankruptcy claims filed by JESCO as well as the dissolution of the corporation. Why would anyone get upset when a concerned citizen discovers this information? Ben is always putting the cart before the horse and gets frustrated because he's not gaining ground. In the words of Miss Ceilie, until you do right by us, everything you even think about is going to fail.

In other news, I had supervisors from neighboring counties (Forrest and Pearl River) contact me, offering to send their clerk to Lumberton and help our clerk with budgetarty matters, FREE OF CHARGE. They said they reached out to city hall but no one has responded to tneir offer. I guess they can't respond because then they wouldn't be able to make the claim that my blog has people afraid to help Lumberton. I passed the information on to Alderman Quincy Rogers so he can verify the free offers of assistance. I've been receiving a lot of information about the city clerk and chief of police allegedly plotting to get Judge Pittman terminated so the board can hire Judge Anderson. It is my belief that, after some research, they believe Anderson will sign a warrant for just about anything. I believe half of what I hear before jumping to conclusions because I know the whole truth will eventually come to light. Some people think I'm paranoid but I know the New Jim Crow is alive and well; especially here in the South. If you don't believe me, rewind to the time when a biased police chief and two alderpersons can go before a judge and allegedly sign a falsified affidavit that led to the arrest of a sitting mayor. I don't know why Elsie is teaming with Merlene but I will be mindful of what's going on. The more things change, the more they seem to stay the same. For some reason, I'm having Hobson flashbacks. I'm hoping my sources are incorrect but I've learned to never take anything for granted.

There's no new information about the water coming from the water tower. It's possible that this leak is going to lead to a costly repair and the possible replacement of a roof for the family living near the water tower. This weekend, there will be a ribbon cutting at 10:00 am for the new Family Dollar, and another ribbon cutting at 11:00 am at the Looney Rooster. There's also a Democratic Meeting at 11:00 am in Purvis, MS. The only reason I mentioned this meeting is the fact that Independent candidate, Ben Winston is supposed to be a guest speaker at this event. Also, the members of Gateway Baptist Church will have the Celebration of Life services at 11:00 am for Pastor James "Buddy" Peters. Winston said he was planning to attend these events but I don't see how that's possible.


  1. Keep up the good work. These are the things the board should know before rushing to go into business with someone because they say free of charge.


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