Doing Nothing and Saying Nothing Changes Nothing

At the last two board meeting, Mayor Ben Winston said my blog is the reason why no one wants to come and help the City of Lumberton. Winston claims I'm running potential businesses away because of what I may post about them. For the record, reputable businesses are not afraid of being mentioned in the blog. Winston seems to think I'm as weak minded as his supporters. It is my belief that Winston is aware of the checkered past of the alleged band of crooks he's bringing to the city. It's his hope that we don't discover their true motives before he request his three votes; a far cry from his proclamation, when he was first elected, that he's looking to restore confidence and unify the board. Winston also said he was going to get an audit so we can know where we stand regarding the finances of the city. As of now, we can't get an accurate budget let alone an audit. Winston's promises are nothing more that political foder. One week from today, there will be another regularly scheduled board meeting. By the Grace of God, I will be in attendance, lying in the cut, ready to ask the necessary questions. I never claimed to be the voice of Lumberton but I, unlike others, am not afraid to risk ostracism in order to hold elected officials accountable. Ben Winston said the blog was the cause of Lumberton's problems. I beg to differ. Almost every board gave Cooper Industries, McGraw-Edison, Wagner's a waiver on taxes year after year after year. I noticed Cooper was gearing for a shut down and advised the board to stop waiving taxes. Needless to say, my plea was not taken seriously. Most boards couldn't look past the $15,000/month water bills collected from the company and jumped at the opportunity to give them a break on their taxes; hoping they would remain in Lumberton. In retrospect, I guess they realize their plans didn't work. Every time I blog, I must face critics. Some don't like what I say because of their relationship with the person being discussed. Regardless of the subject matter, the goal is the same; to expose the truth. People say there's great things about living in a small community; the fact that we all know one another connects us and give us a sense of unity. That may be true, but when one decides to leave the collective and think outside the box, they're no longer part of the community. Last time I checked, we are not Borg, resistance is not futile. Unfortunately, it has consequences. When I started blogging, I never imagined having my car egged and keyed. I never imagined getting the right boot of fellowship from a church I loved but discovered the feeling wasn't mutual. Did I think telling the truth would lead to the enforcement of an antiquated law that put me in jail overnight for a parking ticket. As I blog, I'm fully aware that the current board, clerk and chief of police are allegedly looking into terminating a qualified judge in an effort to get one in place that will attempt to ban me from city hall. But this is the loving, close knit community of friends. Yeah right. Despite the threats, personal attacks and closed door plotting sessions, I refuse to capitulate. One favorite quotes is by Audre Lorde. She said
"When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I'm afraid. "

After the special called meeting, I found it necessary to research John Shavers because of the Google search that showed his less than scrupulous business ventures. When I researched Shavers, I found the slew of lawsuits alarming, but Winston didn't seem to have a problem with the red flags. The fact that Ben Winston didn't have a problem with a seemingly troubled businessman, made me question his motives. In addition to establishing an alliance with Shavers, Winston suggested using spreadsheets to track the city's budget instead of using the software program that costs the City of Lumberton $13,000/year to access. Spreadsheets provides an easy method for data manipulation, whereas, computer software programs are more difficult but have preventative measures in place to eliminate data manipulation. For months, I have blamed the lack of an accurate budget on the city clerk and it seems that it may be the mayor’s intention to keep us misinformed about what's in the budget. Have you noticed that there's been no claims made this year about our city being broke? As a matter of fact, there's money coming in every month; according to the city clerk and Winston.

Let's be clear, that does not mean the city clerk is innocent, but it would behove her to perform the duties she was sworn to uphold and stop selectively doing what the mayor instructs her to do; allegedly speaking of course. Thankfully, the board is sending her back to training. By the month of March, we should know what's in the budget and have an accurate account of month to month expenditures. For the next month or so, you won't be reading any posts about the clerk because I don't want to distract her during the training period. I also don't want her to blame the blog for her inability to grasp the information being relayed during training. For the record, my integrity is not for sale. If I'm going to put my integrity on the auction block, it's going to be for more than $31,000/year. Personally, I can't see myself telling a lie , month after month that's not only recorded in the public records but also recorded in the Book of Life. I don't care what you say, Hail Mary is not that full of Grace.

I'm beginning to learn to accept people at face value. When people show you who they are, believe them. For the past 2 years, our elected officials and department heads have shown us who they are and all we're required to do is BELIEVE them. We try to look for logic in their votes/decisions but it is what it is. They speak through the minutes and their votes. They say they love the city but they voted to leave citizens unprotected by slashing the police department. They say they love the city, but they allowed the public records room to be closed. They say they love the city, but the eliminated local trash collection, claiming a savings to the city but charging us the same fee despite the discounted price they're paying Waste Pro. They say they love the city but it's not reflected in their votes. But when you think about it, there are those that say with their lips they love God but tbeir hearts are far from him. The next meeting is a week from today, I challenge you to come see your representative in action; or in the case of this city, inaction. I think I've focused on some serious issues for weeks, I think it's long overdue for some good news. If you have some good news you would like to shsre, let me know so I can post it in the blog. Cioa!


  1. I don't understand. Why is Ben being so dirty and running for another office? Is he thT stupid? He proved you right when he said he got the most to loose. That statement confirmed that he and Paul bought up most of the land in Lumberton. Ben knew he was going to be dirty and that's why he stepped down as pastor. He thinks more of his church than his family. Ben has a very nice wife and some very intelligent children and grandchildren. A trait they didn't get from him, based on the videos. Why does he keep embarrassing his family? This is not going to end well for him. Stop while you can. This blog has removed your covers. No more hiding. I just wNt to know what he promised the three idiots that keep voting in his favor? Please keep digging, the truth is out there.

  2. What kinda person is Ben Winston is he the devil from Hell???????????

  3. I don't remember any good he did while serving as Lamar County Supervisor. Ward 1, 2, 4 Board Alderman or just as ???? and the Alderman at large. What's up with these people. Lord help us. Please, Please send Marlene home. Ben will lay his life down for Marlene but will not help a person in need. I feel so sorry for his wife because if he is like this out in the open. What is he like behind close doors. My prayers goes up for Mrs. Winston and may God be with you.

  4. His horns are showing.

  5. I got a copy of Shavers divorce summary. It shoes it was granted because of habitual, cruel behavior. I think you should investigate the dates bc his wife is listed as owner of J5Global and the dates are not matching up.

  6. I attended a Board of Supervisors meeting many years ago and I remember two executives from Cooper addressing the Board. They asked for Lamar County to give them a break on taxes because Lumberton's taxes were killing their ability to run their business. So, if Lumberton was waiving taxes, why were they there saying Lumberton was killing them with taxes? They had financial statements that they gave to the Supervisors to look at. This would have been back in 2006 or 2007, right before things took a nose dive in the economy. It is possible that Lumberton was not waiving taxes?

  7. Now,I understand why he didn't want to go before the Board because of you Lumberton Informer. He has the Board eating out of his hands and he knew you wasn't a fool and you would check him out, be careful because those kind of people will try to hurt you. I will pray God's protection around you. I know someone damaged your car that's so childish, but look who we are dealing with. The uneducated or just fools. I really don't know which is worse.


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