Con-Game In Progress

At the end of April 5, 2016 board meeting, it was announced that the board was going into executive session to discuss possible litigation. The Mississippi Open Meetings Act permits the board to discuss litigation (prospective or actual) during executive session but after it was discovered that the possible litigation involved Bobby Gibson's attempt to extort (verb meaning obtain (something) by force, threats, or other unfair means) $1,000 from the City of Lumberton, Lindsey Carter (see video posted) recanted on May 3, 2016 and said that they did not discuss possible litigation during the April 5, 2016 board meeting. However, he said that the matter involving Bobby Gibson and the land dispute on 5th Avenue is a legal matter. (Insert expletive) where? The ownership of land is public record and as you can see from the receipt I received from the Lamar County records room, Bobby Gibson owns the land that is located smack dab in the middle of 5th Avenue Park, Lumberton, MS but the previous owner was not the City of Lumberton. The record shows the land belonged to Eldridge Johnson. Please note that the WARRANTY DEED was purchased by Bobby Gibson for $10. So, please explain to me and the citizens of Lumberton why Bobby Gibson is trying to get the City of Lumberton to pay him $1,000 for the tract of land that he acquired for $10?????? Another interesting point, for some reason the land was not deeded to the City of Lumberton so why is this matter being discussed, addressed by Lindsey Carter, Attorney for the City of Lumberton? When Bobby Gibson purchased the land he knew it was a fenced in part of property at the 5th Avenue Park. If Gibson wanted to do the RIGHT thing, he would have handed over the land to the City of Lumberton for the same $10 he paid to acquire the land but that wouldn't benefit his need to whore out the City of Lumberton like his friends and business partners, Ben Winston and Paul Ockmond. You know what, let me pass this information on to the individuals that deal with the ETHICS of matters such as this. Speaking of those that lack ethics, did you know that Punk A** Paul Ockmond threatened that he, Bobby Gibson and Merlene were not through with me. He also added that it wasn't a threat but a promise because the prison minister pastor that teaches forgiveness has a grudge because of something that was stated on the blog. Since he was not able to get his point across by mis-quoting scriptures, he took the opportunity to tell me that he's going to get me back because he lacks the wherewithal to do so with his lack of knowledge about the word. I'm guessing he's not familiar with Matthew 6:14-15 but we've seen his tirades on social media so that's not hard to believe.


  1. We know Bobby Gibson is a crook and he hang out with crooks, Ben Winston, Paul Ockmond, Kent Crider, etc. What's interesting is that they didn't think this information could be obtained or did Kent think he could have the check cut before anyone checked? Poor Paul. Is he upset that you said Dee Ockmond loved dark meat? Did he ask her and how does he plan to prove that it was a lie? OAN, where's that s'lore Melissa Willoughby-Nightgale? She managed to get her rotten overaries back on the payroll and now she's on a worker's comp claim with a shoulder injury. What are they lifting, beside their sagging asses, that would cause an injury?

    1. Anonymous chicken anonymous scared anonymous can't say things to people's face anonymous what's the problem you don't know me that well God and Karma will handle you!!!! If it has not already happened.....


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