Wedding Season-EP

I'm a music lover...a real music lover. I create playlists based on mood and I can remember my exact mood based on the playlist. I'm not a music critic because I don't think it's fair to dissect another person's work; either I like it or I don't. I usually don't blog about music but earlier today, I saw a post from Micah Schaffer informing people that he released Wedding Season-EP to celebrate his birthday and his wedding anniversary. I've always followed his music and his posts on social media are always fair, focused and faith-filled. Through social media, I saw snippets of his journey down the aisle and I want to take this opportunity to wish him and his beautiful wife, Lenore, a Happy Anniversary. In the song, "The Story of Love" Schaffer proclaimed "Lord willing, if the creek don't rise, let the first 10 be on the high." Based on the Wedding Season-EP which is essentially an journey of love, I'm sure they will have a life time of highs.

I'm always proud of Lumberton natives that pursue their dreams. Wedding Season-EP is an ode to love. It wasn't until looking at other posts that I realized Schaffer penned "Something Sweet" before meeting his wife. The song gives us faith that we can and will find our good thing if we truly trust and believe in the promises of God. "Something Sweet" is a song that will make you want to ride a tandem bicycle with the love of our life on your way to a perfectly executed picnic on a spring day. It's just that romantic.

I know I started at the end of the EP but don't think Wedding Season is just fluff. As soon as the music starts to play, "Goals" draw you in with it's hypnotic beats and the lyrics are pure dopeness. I was hooked when I heard " Godliness gotta be the focus.." It's a very positive track and it lays out the blueprint for having the things you want in life. I was still vibing as "Thinking About You" played. Schaffer has a talent for putting together lyrics and harmonies that allow your mind to drift and think of the world of possibilities. And just when you don't think Wedding Season is going to get better, the song "Better" relaxes your mind even further. I just want to warn you, this song will be stuck in your head for days after hearing it. Then there's "The Story of Love". It's a continuation of the journey of love. The entire EP is a lyrical journey of a man's quest for love and finding that love that will endure the test of time. This is the perfect EP for the end of Summer. Every song reminds you of the best part of love; the part when you realize what's happening, how you're feeling and what it really, truly means for your life. If you haven't downloaded the Wedding Season-EP, you should do so now because it will earn a spot in your heart and your playlist forever.


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