A Hick, A Trick, A Pimp and A Hoye: The Injustice League of MRHA 8

Before going to work, I like to sit out on the patio but I couldn't enjoy my morning dose of sunshine because of all the tall grass and the fact that I had to wade through this field of neglect to get to my garbage can. As I sat there with fears of the Zeka virus and Lyme disease running through my mind, I recalled a time when managers of the Mississippi Regional Housing Authority 8 would evict residents that failed to pay their lawn care fees. Now the same corporation is slacking in their responsibilities and have failed to properly maintain the lawn all Summer but that's the nature of MRHA 8; they will adjust the rules to fit their purpose. They're in a position to help people but they seem to love employees that will lie, cheat and possibly steal in order to advance their agenda. What they failed to realize, if people no longer needed housing, they would be out of a job.

As you know, I've had dealings with the manager of Pecan Ridge and it's evident that she, LaTonya Hoye, is willing to say or do almost anything to keep her job in Jesus name. She professes to be a Christian but when she's not raising money for Mission Number 3, she's slithering to and fro trying to launch an attack. She made it clear that she did not want me on the property when she said " I make her job hard because I help too many people." Really, you don't want someone to help others? Oh, you want them to believe everything you say without any questions. I'm certain that she's managed to set up some sort of deal with some tenants because a few of the people that used to run to the house on a daily basis are rarely seen and they hardly speak. I can only imagine what type of deal she made with them to allow their insignificant others to come onto the property despite being told they were on a ban list but that's their issue now. I just know who I'm dealing with.

The fact that the Hoye named LaTonya is allowed to say and do anything is proof that she's been given the seal of approval by the H.S.I.C. (Head Snakes in Charge) Rachelle and Jessie Billups. If they didn't approve of her tactics, they would have put an end to the her tenure at Pecan Ridge after seeing the things she and other MRHA 8 employees said about me and other residents on social media. If they didn't approve of her tactics, they would have admonished her when it was discovered that she was purposely withholding deposits of rental checks in order to charge residents more fees. They've learned that they can go before judges like Denton Plumlee and concoct any story that fits their narrative and he will believe them because he will set a meth head lose after years of violations, allegedly speaking of course, but he has zero tolerance for a tenant that have records supporting their claims. Apparently, it's the tenant's responsibility to pay the rent, keep a check on their bank statement and continuously call the manger to make sure the check is deposited. Interesting.

I forgot to get a photo of Jessie Billups but I will update the photo later but it's boggles the mind that he and the Hoye are self-proclaimed Christians but they don't have a problem being deceptive when it comes to their positions. At one point, Billips said he will do whatever was needed to get to where he wanted to go. Well, I guess it worked because he's no longer the Resident Service Coordinator, he's the actual Executive Director of MRHA 8; he's the top dog, despite the fact that Hoye told me that the deceased J.P. Lawrence was still the executive director when I wanted to write an letter regarding her antics as the manager of Pecan Ridge. There goes that integrity issue again. I wonder how Billups separate who he is (did I mention he also a Reverend) from what he do? I guess he wears one hat in the pulpit and another in the office. Sort of sound like his profession don't match his confession. In the end, I hope the deception, manipulation and retaliation don't led him down a path where's he's told to depart from me ye worker of iniquity. Same sentiment goes for the Hoye. While she's raising money for church programs, she's still going to have to give account for her actions when dealing with the least of these. Surely she know that faith without work is dead and there's no such thing as a little lie. Now for the puta and the possum queen (Rachelle and LeAnn) they don't confess to be saved and proudly wear their badge of hedonism but they're constantly looking for ways to advance their career by any means necessary. Rachelle will sell out her own heritage to get a promotion. Don't believe me, ask Emily. I bet she thought she had an amiga an Hermana but she has a foe that was waiting to take her position. Welcome to the dog eat dog world of MRHA 8. If they attack one another, you know they have no qualms about attacking their residents. For the record, don't think Robert (the maintenance guy) is your ally. The snake rarely comes out of her den. Hell, she's hardly available during business hours but she's getting photos that lead to you getting a fine and who do you think is sending her those photos? I would delve into that matter but I will save it for another post. However, I wonder what's is the Hoye doing with all those fines she's collecting. Maybes she's donating the funds to her church. Well, that's enough for today. I have to take my shower and head to work because the water is supposed to be off for repairs for the next 7 hours.


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