Good-night Sweet D.I.V.A.(Donte)

Death is a constant reminder of the fragility of life. We must LIVE, LOVE and FORGIVE! I'm sharing a part of my friendship with Donte so my broken heart can begin to heal. People like to wait until a person die before they express how they feel. Please know, I have expressed my love and appreciation for Donte while she was able to appreciate the impact she had on my life and I will continue to show my love by being there for her family. I know there are some that read the title and wondered why I referred to Donte as a DIVA. If you noticed, I turned D.I.V.A. into an acronym. When I think of Donte I have never thought of her as a DIVA in the natural sense because she was not a temperamental or haughty woman. When I think of Donte, I think of her as a true D.I.V.A. because she was DEVOUT, INSPIRIATIONAL, VIRTUOUS, and ANNOINTED. Now, don't get me wrong, she was also a fashionista. As a matter of fact, we became friends over a pair of stilettos. I've known Donte all of my life but I actually got the opportunity to get to know her a few years ago. I purchased a pair of shoes for my mother and they were the wrong size. I don't like returning online purchases, so I posted the shoes on Facebook asking if anyone wore that size. Minutes later, I get a message from Donte saying she loved the shoes and she wanted to know what size they were. After it was discovered that she could fit them, I quickly deleted the post and made arrangements to get the shoes to her. From that point forward, we would talk about our favorite store, Home Goods, shoes, our favorite places to eat, decorative wreaths, etc. Our bond was solidified over fashion and whenever I would see her out and about we would talk, laugh and talk some more. At first, most of our contact was through social media and then one day she said we needed to exchange numbers. At that point, we would text one another all the time. The day she called and told me of her diagnosis, I think she ended up comforting me more than I comforted her. Donte never let anything get her down and she was always upbeat and doing everything she could to make a better life for Logan, the love of her life.

When I heard that Donte had transitioned into eternity, I was truly heartbroken. I have been in a haze for the past few days because I was looking forward to attending the Mother's Day Luncheon. It never crossed my mind that she would not be here to celebrate another Mother's Day or another birthday. I cherished the fact that I was fortunate enough to call Donte "friend." I know that she touched so many lives and we were all touched by Donte's infectious joy, triumphant spirit and enduring faith. Her legacy of spreading light and love will continue to live on through Logan, her family and friends because she developed a never ending "Circle of Love." In the face of adversity, Donte continue to smile, be a loving mother, daughter, friend, classmate (LHS/USM), co-worker and an inspiration to anyone that came in contact with her. Donte had a wonderful spirit and force of life and anyone that was fortunate enough to be in her presence was blessed beyond measure because she never complained and always took the high road.

Donte never let anything break her spirit; not even a cancer diagnosis and mounting medical bills. She had an inner strength that was enviable and undeniable. If she was suffering, she did it silently. Donte touched many lives and was loved by many. Because of the love she gave, her spirit will continue to live on. Donte was a beautiful being and I will never forget her and the way she made me feel. It is my belief that she fought and won her battle against cancer because she was strong, faithful and continued to live her life to the fullest. I must say that I am a better person to have been able to witness how Donte lived and LOVED life. My heart breaks for her family. Her light and spirit will be sorely missed!!! To paraphrase a quote from Shakespere, "Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet D.I.V.A; And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!"


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