Gibson's Gamble to Goad City

I decided to return to board meetings at the right time. It seems there's a lot of backroom deals going on and the board refuses to admit that Merlene Wall is a complete idiot. One of the items discussed during executive session was the possible litigation by former Alderman at Large, Bobby Gibson, against the City of Lumberton. It seems that Gibson is allegedly claiming that he owns the property at 5th Avenue Park. Unfortunately, that part of the property includes the under-utilized tennis court. The tennis court has been there for a long as I can remember. Somehow, Gibson has made the claim that he paid the taxes on the property and want the City of Lumberton to reimburse him for the money he spent after allegedly acquiring the property via taxes. Since Gibson was one of the cronies that banned with Kent Crider, Timothy Johnson and Rebecca Hale to tie the hands of former mayor Miriam R. Holder, Mayor Kent Crider was more that willing to go ahead and reward Gibson the $1,000 he allegedly requested without seeing a survey or any other documentation that proved that Gibson actually owned the property that's part of the 5th Avenue Park.

For some reason, the citizens of Lumberton continue to elect idiots to represent their best interest. Here's something Bobby Gibson, who served as an elected official and should know this information, didn't consider. The City of Lumberton pays insurance for all the property they own, including the 5th Avenue Park and the Lumberton Hospital. Bobby Gibson has decided that he want the City of Lumberton to pay him for property he claim he owns but when did he become the owner of the property? In case he didn't know, if he has proof of ownership of the property, Gibson must reimburse the City of Lumberton for the insurance coverage they paid for the property. Therefore, this frivolous lawsuit will result in him actually owing the City of Lumberton not the City of Lumberton owing him. I guess that's one of the reasons why he didn't bring up this matter when he was in office. Is this one of the kickbacks he was promised for gathering votes for Kent Crider? He should have taken the Paul Ockmond route and asked to be appointed as building inspector/code enforcer. I will keep you updated and let you know if Kent Crider is cutting checks to repay debts for votes acquired.


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