Anatomy of a Dymon

Traditionally, the four characteristics of a diamond are color, cut, clarity and carats but in Lumberton we know that the TRUE characteristics of a Dymon is dedication, determination, drive and dexterity. In case you missed Sunday's edition of the Hattiesburg American, it was noted that Lumberton's seniors earned $718, 000 in scholarships and leading the pack with over $200,000 in scholarships was none other than Dymon Buckley. When I added up the number of scholarships, I was astonished. I was almost as astonished when I heard that Dymon was not the selected as the Valedictorian of Lumberton's Class of 2016. Please keep in mind that I am in no way trying to take away the accomplishments of the person that was selected as the Valedictorian but since he and Dymon were the only two with college course work under their belts, it seemed odd that they both were not selected as Valedictorians because everyone knows, well everyone except those at LHS calculating grade point averages, that college course work does not carry the same weight as high school classes and require a different formula to determine the student's average. But that's neither here nor there but it's obvious that one person's inability to accurately calculate grade point averages has not stopped Dymon Buckley from shinning. Surprisingly, Buckley graduated fourth in her class. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around that. Anywho. When colleges select a student for a scholarship, they're not only competing with the students at their local school but they're competing with students from every other high school. To get an idea of the scholarly achievements of Dymon Buckley, take a look at her list of scholarship offers: William Carey University Academic Scholarship, $18,800; Xavier University Academic Scholarship, $20,000; Ole Miss Opportunity Scholarship, $40,696; PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650; Millsaps Major Grant, $19,520; Millsaps Second Century Scholarship, $100,000; USM Gold Opportunity Scholarship, $4,000; MSU Girls State Scholarship, $1,000. What a feat!

As stated in the article, there were a number of stellar students that graduated from Lumberton High School in 2016 and they all deserve a round of applause because their gifts have made room for them and they will be able to get a college education without the burden of student loans. The other students receiving scholarships are as follows: Jordan Gatewood: PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400; U.S. Air Force Salary and Educational Benefits, $90,000. Jakahius Clark: U.S. Army Salary and Educational Benefits, $77,000. Alexis Contreras: U.S. Army Salary and Educational Benefits, $77,000. James Lee: U.S. Army Salary and Educational Benefits, $77,000. Jasmine McGill: PRCC Salutatorian Scholarship, $14,700; PRCC Full Career Technical Scholarship, $5,300; First Enterprise Youth Congress Scholarship, $500; MTAG, $500; Millsaps College Academic Scholarship, $30,000. Matthan Jenkins: PRCC Valedictorian Scholarship, $14,700; USM Valedictorian Scholarship, $6,000; USM Golden Opportunity Scholarship, $16,000; USM Student Body President Scholarship, $6,000. Kristal Bethe: MSU Freshman Academic Excellence Scholarship, $8,000; STAR Student Scholarship, $6,000; MSU Color Guard Scholarship, $400; PRCC Full Career Technical Scholarship, $5,300; PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650. Daylon Burks: PRCC Athletic Scholarship: $14,700; PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400. Jonathan Walley: PRCC Athletic Scholarship: $14,700. Brittain Underwood: PRCC Full Career Technical Scholarship, $5,300; PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650. JaShawn McLemore: PRCC Full Career Technical Scholarship, $5,300; PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400; Ki Ki B Foundation Scholarship, $250. Madison Barrett: PRCC Full Career Technical Scholarship, $5,300; PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400. Parker Thompson: PRCC Vice-Presidential Scholarship, $5,300. Hunter Ray: PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650; PRCC Half Career Technical Scholarship, $2,650. Tanner Bounds: PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650. Jesseray Evans: PRCC Honors Scholarship, $2,650. Logan Howe: PRCC Half Career Technical Scholarship, $2,650. Netalya Buckner: PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400. Zach Knue: PRCC Scholastic Excellence Scholarship, $1,400.

Kudos to the entire Class of 2016!


  1. Those students have earned more money for themselves collectively than the entire Crider Administration has had for the town of Lumberton. I bet at least one fo them would make a better mayor.


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