Lumberton Panthers: Going for the Gold

The Lumberton Panthers are about to take the field and battle for the title of State 1A Champs. The entire City of Lumberton is proud of the team. Some of you are currently in Starksville, waiting for the gladiators (Lumberton Panthers) to enter the arena and claim another victory. If you were not able to attend the game, it will stream live on-line and WDAM will also broadcast the game. This week, I featured some of the players on the team but we all know there's no I in team. Collectively, the entire team, coaching staff, cheerleaders, band, parents and fans have propelled the Lumberton Panthers to the spot they hold today; positioned to claim another championship victory for the City of Lumberton.

Here's a list of the Lumberton Panthers: J.Tribbett (QB), D.Edwards (RB, ILB), D. Coleman (RB/LB), R. Coleman (RB/DB), K. Fairley (RB/ILB), J. Galloway (RB/ILB), D.Bucker (WR/DB), J. Buckley (RB/CB), T. Toney (CB/FS/WR), C. Bowens (DB/WR), E. Joseph (WR/DB), M. Joseph (WR/OLB), D. Young (WR/DB), S. Allen (QB), A. Dalton (TE/OLB), T. Davenport (WR/LB), A. Parker (WR/DB), X. Holder (FB/OLB), K. Fells (FS/WR), D. Moore (RB/LB), J. Smith (RB/ILB), R. O'Banner (WR/CB), C. Hammond (WR/DT/DE), R. Henry (RB/DB), V. Holmes (WR/OLB), B. Rink, D. Walters (RB/NG), D. Spinner (TE/MLB), G. Burgeron (OL/DL), Z. King ((OL/DL), K. Cobbert (G/DE), A. Lampton (OL/DL), A. Sandifer (G/DE), C. Sumrall (LB), S. Sumrall (DT/G), J. Murray (OL/DL), A. Anderson (G/DE/DT), B. Runnels (OL/DL), M. Cooke (OL/DL), J. Simmons (OL/DL), S. Peavy (C/DT), J. Clinton (OL/DL), T. Easley (T/DE), J. Hurt (OL/DL), G. Silk (TE/LB), C. Williams (WR/OLB), D. Edwards (QB/LB), T. Jessie (FB/LB). Zach Jones--Head Coach. Charlie Brown--Off/Def Line Coach. Anthony Harry--Co-Defensive Coordinator. Jonathan Ladner--Defensive Coordinator. Justin Sones--Co-Offensive Coordinator. Good Luck Panthers! #WeWant5


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