Lumberton, Mississippi: PROUD and PREJUDICED

Let me make or break your end of the year celebration. I decided to post for several reasons. Today is the anniversary of the special call election that resulted in the Kent Crider becoming Mayor of Lumberton. I was trying to add the link of his campaign promises from Hattiesburg American but the link didn't work for some reason. Despite Crider's claim that he was the only person that could ensure the City of Lumberton secured the $2.5 million dollar Army Corp of Engineer Grant, here we are one year later and no work on sewer system but we're still getting monthly reports about the never ending leaks throughout the City of Lumberton. Oh wait....the project is now slated for January 2017 or close to election time along with the unicorn sightings of new businesses that's looking to come to a city that's losing its school. Yeah. Keep dangling that carrot for the goats that follow you. Hopefully, the elected officials of the City of Lumberton will go with Clear Water Solutions so the citizens can finally have lower water bills get a grip on the leaks that continue to destroy our streets. There's a leak at the entrance of Love's Addition that's become a permanent fixture. As a matter of fact, the cones set up to divert traffic have grass growing through them.

In case you missed the frenzy, I was assaulted by Danny Davis, Director of the Public Works Department, a few weeks ago. Prior to getting attacked from behind, I knew the vitriol many in this city held towards me because of my relentless call for accountability. According to some, I am the reason why the City of Lumberton is in it's current condition. Keep in mind that I voted for the two candidates that are blacklisted by the Mayor and other board members. As we all know, everything in Lumberton is done with a vote of three. I know there were some people that hoped I would stop blogging after getting assaulted by a city employee while he was on duty but I'm sorry to disappoint you. Well, not actually. Not to my surprise, there was one person that hoped "I would have been beaten to a point where I could no longer talk or blog for months." Interestingly, it was the same person that frequently inboxed me asking me to blog about his events and offers. I guess the saying is true, they will bash you with the same mouth they begged with. But that's what Lumberton is about. People don't tell you how they fell when they think you're beneficial but sooner or later, their true colors always show. We love to pretend we're such a loving, close -knit community because we hold fund raisers to save the museum, hold fund raisers for other programs and seemingly ban together whenever one of our teams have a stellar year in sports, but I'm going to share with you a true snap shot of the City of Lumberton.

The other week, I posted some screenshots of the things said after the assault took place. When I posted the blog, I made it private because I actually receive the notices from Pages Manager when people report my blog. Since there were some people reporting my blog but still were on my page, I decided to limit the access to the page. After making the blog private, I realized that I was also limiting my audience. Here's the kicker, there's some that are saying they hate the blog but if you look on their pages, they share almost everyone of my posts. Interesting. Another reason why I decided to keep my blog public is because I want the world to see the type of people that reside in the City of Lumberton. I guess there's a group that convinced themselves that I'm actually the one to blame for the current condition of the City of Lumberton because if can't have anything to doe with the type of people they elect over and over again. Let's make a deal, if you can actually give proof of something I reported incorrectly on the blog and can show that it caused the downfall of the City of Lumberton, I will shut down the blog. Here's the catch, you must provide actual proof and you can't post anonymously. If you're going to call me out, you should be courteous enough to take off your hood.

Let me help you out. I was wrong when I said they were trying to sell the old hospital for $500. Oh, that was true. Hummmm. Oh, I was lying when I said they were trying to sell the National Guard, when I said they were raising water rates, when I reported about the audit report, when I said the city clerk cannot balance the budget or properly use BBI. Guess what? All true and all were reported by me, the Lumberton Informer. So, how and when did I cause Lumberton to sink so low. Just because you don't like what I report or how I report does not make it untrue. I guess I'm part of the liberal media and trying to confuse things by stating facts. After I was assaulted, I was going to let the matter go, accept whatever decision made by the judge but when I realized the elected officials didn't want to address the matter (especially after knowing what they already know) I realized that this was going to give me another opportunity to shine the light of accountability on the City of Lumberton. Instead of urging the assailant to enter a plea and let the City of Lumberton heal, they're hold fund-raisers to help him defend his actions and someone allegedly opened a defense fund for Daniel "Danny" Davis at BancorpSouth which led me to close my accounts at the good ole bank. So now in the Age of Trump, people who assault others are considered heroes as long as the one committing the assault has the complexion for the connection. There will be some that say why bring up race??? Well, there's a slew of white people that are hailing Davis as their hero. I'm thankful that the previous post was private because I don't want everyone that was included in the previous post to know I know what they said. In addition to the fund raiser, they're also calling on all like-minded individuals to come to the hearing to show Davis their support. In other words, Help Lumberton Hate Again or Help Lumberton Continue to Hate. So when they say they're proud of Davis, are you in that number? Do they speak for you as well?

When I'm wrong, I'm the first to admit it but I will never play victim and I don't need to subscribe to the herd mentality to stand for what I believe is right. I have stood alone on many occasions and I will continue to do so if needed. I don't need a mob to support me to prove I'm doing the right thing. I don't care what naysayers or what so called associates that later become foes have to say because I am the same person that wrote the posts holding elected officials accountable and the posts asking everyone to support Lumberton businesses, sports and other events. Here we are on the cusp of the closure of our school and many of the people of Lumberton are so filled with vitriol that they're more concerned with saving a city employee charged with assault than they are about saving their school. And you wonder why WDAM never report anything good about the City of Lumberton. Are they to blame as well? This incident reminds me of the movie Mississippi Burning. I guess all the good boys and girls are supporting Danny Davis because, as one screen shot explained, "it's about time someone did something to that nigger." I would share the post but it's part of another case. But that's the real Lumberton and that's the Lumberton I'm going to continue to expose. As you can see, they're saying it's not about race but look at his supporters. Oh wait, it's not hate, it's heritage. (sarcasm intended). So for those of you that were hoping/wishing I would disappear, you need to make a better wish because you're making this a personal issue that should have been settled if the elected officials of Lumberton knew how to handle their business. I hope they don't let their bond cost them their bonds. I personally don't care that many of you don't like me and that you no longer want a black Chief of Police (that's on another screenshot as well);those are you're issues not mine. I hope you didn't log on thinking I was going to give you a play by play of my plans. If so, you will be sorely disappointed. So keep telling yourself that I'm the root of Lumberton's problems and I will keep proving you wrong. I know you're hoping and wishing I was bitter but I'm not; I'm better and will continue to expose Lumberton as a cesspool of hate, vitriol and ineffective leadership. You can take my posts personally so sit back and watch me handle my business.


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