Banned By MRHA 8: More Illegal Activities

Just received a call from a person that was informed that he was "BANNED" from Pecan Ridge. I asked him a few questions and from what he told me, the manger did not follow the proper procedures. I contacted the Lumberton Police Department and they told me that the manager gave them a copy of the ban list and I requested a copy. For some reason, tenants are told they could be evicted for allowing people on the ban list to visit but the tenants are not given a copy of the actual ban list. Recently, a tenant with health issues was about to get evicted because of the ban list but no one had a copy of the list saying the person that visited her unit was banned. I haven't received a copy of the ban list but once I receive a copy I will not post the names because I don't want them to get violated.....again. It's enough that their names is printed on a paper without due process but I will contact as many of them as I possibly can to see if I could get them to file a formal complaint since they were not given an opportunity to defend themselves.

I don't know how the process works at MRHA 8 (Mississippi Regional Housing Authority) but when I was a property manager, it was a lengthy process to have person "BANNED" from the property. In order to have a person banned, I had to have them served, via certified mail with a return receipt, informing them that they were not allowed on the property, file an injunction, plead the case in court, show that they were a threat to the property and/or other tenants and after a judgement was granted, I could have them banned from the property. After they were banned, I could have them charged with criminal trespassing if they were on the property again. I don't recall LaTonya Hoye taking any of those steps. I'm also surprised that the Lumberton Police Department willingly accept the ban list and sporadically attempt to enforce the list but when I was a property manager, I had to provide documentation that I went through the process to get an injunction before I provided them with a ban list. But it was a different department then. If you or someone you know is on the ban list, please contact me so I can help you file a formal complaint because you were supposed to be given an opportunity to defend yourself before you were placed on a banned list. Interestingly, there are certain people that are on the ban list and frequent the property regularly but nothing is done to them because the person they're visiting is the on site human cameras; so the snitch factor outweighs the need to enforce a rule that others are required to follow.


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