How Low (Hoye) Can You Go? : Receipts Editon

I remember when I decided to start the Lumberton Informer. I was sitting at the barber shop, now Tina's Salon, and I was talking about the election with Wade. During the discussion, he asked me what did I think about the election. At that time, we were weeks away from the election but I told him that I didn't trust Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson because I felt they were running to serve Ben Winston and Paul Ockmond. I also told him I was waiting to see who's the third partner and it was later revealed through their voting pattern that Kent Crider was their other partner in crime. So, their attempt to control the City of Lumberton has been in the works for years; it didn't just happen. I told Wade that I needed to establish a forum where we can hold elected officials accountable. Over the years, I've gotten many things wrong because my access to public information was often restricted. As a matter of fact, there's a current investigation into the latest attempt to prevent me from accessing public records. It took some time for the blog to catch on. I never intended for my identity to be a secret but I giggled when people were asking "Who's the Lumberton Informer?" Since this is Lumberton, my identity was quickly revealed. Over the years, I gained some fans as well as foes. I've learned that some people are only friends because of their dislike for me. Although she's not from here, LaTonya Hoye, manager for Pecan Ridge a MRHA 8 property, managed to slither her way into the group of individuals that do not like me.

I remember when she first came to the property. They had a meet and greet and she was introduced as the new manager. Something about her did not sit well with me. I guess it's my spirit of discernment or it could have been the fact that she was totally evasive when a tenant asked her where she's from. She did the Cha-Cha slide around that question and never provided an answer to that question. It was at that moment that I realized she was not an honest person. I like my privacy but when someone refuses to answer a simple question like "Where are you from?" it's a red flag that something is amiss. Either she has something to hid or she don't want us to find out who she really is. For months, I didn't know her name. Well, that's not surprising because for months I haven't found out who's the executive director of MRHA 8. More secrets.

I was having problems with the site manager making snide remarks but I didn't let them bother me because I figured she already made up her mind about me when LeeAnn Jones-Ulmer spilled the tea about what she thought of me after the meeting. Thankfully, I'm not the type of person that form an opinion of others based on their experience, I form an opinion based on personal experience. I keep what others say on the backburner so if something flares up, I won't be caught by surprise. Despite how I felt about her or her co-workers, I always remained cordial but when I caught Hoye overstepping her boundaries, I took to the blog in February and our relationship started its downward spiral. Some asked why did I post about it in the blog. Well, it serves as a record of events and a lot of employees of MRHA 8 read the blog regularly. Don't get it twisted, I know that every one reading the blog is not a fan. Thankfully, I have a lot of people that read the blog and inbox me things they find posted on various Facebook pages; pages that I'm blocked from viewing. When I blogged about Hoye saying I made her job difficult and she was tired of me helping other tenants, I already had screenshots (receipts) confirming that information.

Now, I was aware of my enemies at City Hall but when your enemies seek to join forces to destroy you its a little heartbreaking; especially when one of them is supposed to be a minister. Wait, why am I surprised? I've been attacked by ministers before. So I guess it's not shocking but it was unexpected. I don't have any receipts with Paul Ockmond's name but I'm sure he's lurking somewhere in the background. Those of you that were on my Facebook page the other week now know why I said I felt like throwing in the towel. When people are so heartless that they will plot to have you evicted because they don't want you to serve as an elected official it makes you wonder what else are they doing to keep the City of Lumberton from progressing. I know I don't have all the answers but I have fought for years to find the answers but it seems like there are those that don't want me in a position where I can have access to the information needed to help Move Lumberton Forward. I was aware of the local enemies but to have them connect to a deceitful person that is willing to violate my rights to keep me out of office is something I didn't fully expect. I thought it might happen and that's why I blogged about it months ago but to see my predictions come to fruition still boggles the mind. I've been told that I overshare and I let the enemy know what I'm doing. I share because I need others to see what I deal with on a daily basis and I know the enemy can't stop God's plans; he may be able to delay the plans but he can't hinder the plans of God. So that's why I ask, "how low (Hoye) can you go?" While they're trying to destroy me, I have to remind myself of the passage in Psalms 27:2

"When the wicked advance against me to devour me; it is my enemies and my foes who will stumble and fall."


  1. I don't know you but you're going to leave my baby alone. I will fuck you up. I don't work for the Housing Authority. T showed me your Facebook page so I know what you look like. You can meet me at 696 Sunny Hill Road in Decatur. Keep posting this shit and see what happens bitch.

  2. You obviously don't know Lumberton!! A threat on family is a threat on me!! It can get ugly fast so tell your baby to stop being a damn devil!

  3. Looks like the "poop" just got DEEPER! !!!!!!!!

  4. The "poop" just got deeper! !!!!

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