How Dare You Question My Voting Record?

The antics of Timothy Johnson and Bobby Gibson at Tuesday night's board meeting has firmly established them as a prime of example of Lumberton's black on black crime. The term black on black crime was coined in the eighties to publicize crime perpetrated within the black community and I think the term is fitting for the Gibson and Johnson because the damage they're inflicting upon our community is far worse than any tactic used by a so-called racist because Gibson and Johnson's attack was unexpected. Eugene Underwood wanted to address the board regarding their hiring practices and Timothy Johnson, apparently the leader of "the collective" basically stopped Underwood in his tracks and refused to allow him to continue to address the board. But we've witnessed that type of behavior from Johnson before. Just like he continued to interrupt Mayor Holder on the Youtube video when she wanted to address the citizens of Lumberton, he did the same when Eugene Underwood wanted to question them regarding their hiring policy. There's no doubt that politics and racism play a major role in contributing to the chaos that's taking place at city hall, but describing that reality time and time again doesn't do much to change that reality. I could continue to blog about Stephanie Mullings and Dennis Hobson, but it seems that it would be futile. Instead, it's time to focus on those that are allowing this chaos to take place. We all know about the problem and challenges that's plaguing the City of Lumberton. Now the question is what are we going to do about it?
Month after month, Johnson and Gibson exhibit such hatred for their mayor and for the people that elected them as their representatives and it's on full display for the whole world to see. We can no longer take our anger out or be distracted by the actions of Kent Crider and Rebecca Hale because, for the most part, they're doing what their constituents want them to do. Rest assured most of the residents of Wards 1 and 2 are ecstatic that every worker at city hall is white, that the police department is purging blacks from their roster, that the City of Lumberton has an all white fire department, and the list of improprieties goes on and on. But they aren't the one's WE voted for; our community is responsible for electing Timothy Johnson and Bobby Gibson, but their allegiance is not with us now that they've taken office. You can call them Lumberton's version of the minstrel show, Uncle Toms', the help (well, I wouldn't categorize them with the women of the help because the women of the help did try to make things better and had a purpose) or we can refer to them as the Black KKK, a termed coined by blogger Jason Whitlock. Timothy Johnson and Bobby Gibson are enforcing the same crippling standards as the parent organization; they want to keep Lumberton’s black population in their place, uneducated and outside the main stream. When Whitlock labeled a group of atlhetes as the Black KKK and he said he did so because the pain, the fear and the destruction are all the same and when I look at the voting records of Johnson and Gibson, I must say that I concur. But when the original hood rats’ lynched, terrorized and intimidated black folks at least the black community had enough sense to be outraged, but we just sit back and let Gibson and Johnson go unchecked as they continue to destroy our community.
I guess the new millennial strategy is to pray that Johnson and Gibson go away. How's that working? Especially since those that are causing the most grief not only sit on the board, but they're singing in the choir, sitting at the deacon table and preaching in pulpits. Let's cut through the bull (manure) and deal with reality. The black community of Lumberton is being targeted by Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson. We no longer have a police department that takes on the montra of "To serve and To Protect" they, along with the Lumberton Board of Aldermen are working under Amendment III of Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson's Bill of Rights which may read something likeBryonn Bain's "Walking While Black" article: "No nigger shall, at any time, fail to obey any public authority figures--even when beyond the jurisdiction of their authority. They have made it clear that anyone that opposes them will no longer be employed by the City of Lumberton. Case in point, Adrien Fortenberry, Franklin, Cassandra Fortenberry, Jonathan Hosey, Joshua Messner, Andrew Phillips, Ketera Johnson. . do I need to contine? Now that's not to say that Hobson is not responsible/accountable for his actions, but he's witnessed what they're willing to do whenever someone deviates from their authority. It's intersting that Gibson and Johnson wouldn't vote to terminate the employment of the one person Fortenberry brought before the board, but they don't hesitate when it comes to terminating certified officers. Which is why Gibson and Johnson are so adamant about keeping Byrd on Lumberton's payroll. Byrd lost his certification, but somehow, after just a few months in Lumberton, he's so crucial to day to day operations of Lumberton's police department. That's just a cover. The real reason they're insisting on keeping Byrd on the payroll is to reward him for his attempt to shut me up. Last night I was thinking about the night Byrd had my car towed, and while trying to get the matter resolved, Byrd was constantly calling Bobby Gibson, the one that apparently sent him out in the dark, lurking around my car, searching the police handbooks looking for something they could get me on. Also, I remember Bobby Gibson riding by that night, I guess he was alerting Byrd that I was home. Let me get back on the subject matter at hand, and stop focusing that douche, Timothy Ryan Byrd.
As Whitlock stated, "rather than whine about white folks' insensitivity. . .we'd be better served mustering the kind of outrage and courage it took in the 1950's and 1960's to stop the white KKK from hanging black men from trees. But we don't want to deal with ourselves. We take great joy in prescribing medicine to cure the hate in other people's hearts. Meanwhile, our self-hatred, on full display for the world to see, remains untreated, undiagnosed and unrepentant."


  1. Dang that was a long blog post, but I hear ya and I can't stand Tim's RuPaul wannabe tale either. Keep doing yo thang, sooner or later ppl will see that you're telling the truth.

  2. So you think Bobby was behind Byrd coming after you?

  3. Yes I do. . it making sense now. . I thought about what happened that night and the pieces just fell in place. . I had parked that way for two years and everyone, including the current chief, saw me parked there for two years and all of a sudden after failing to get my blog banned and the failed threats at lawsuits, they searched long and hard to find somethig on me. They knew Fortenberry wouldn't go along with it so they got rid of him and now Bobby Gibson want to reward Byrd for his effort and keep him on the city's payroll despite the fact that he no longer is a certifed police officer. Check the November blogs, I was told that Bobby told Hobson to keep Byrd on and they will find him a job and true to form, they did exactly what I said they would do.

  4. I see you got your mojo back. I guess you're laying off Stephanie and Hobson and focusing on the other crooks. Keep up the good work.

  5. That's what ya'll get. If Bobby Gibson want to ruin his reputation then that's his call, but why are the residents of Ward 4 so easily swayed. We know nothing about Tim Johnson other than he's somebody Ben Winston's daughter dragged hoem from USM and that he used to attend Piney Woods School, but they let this charlatin make them think he cared about their community nad promised jobs and then turn around and vote to fire a erson that's a life long resident of Ward 4. O, ye hypocrite!

  6. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!!!!!Keep living. Only in Lumberton. Cause where I am they would have been dealt with. FOR REAL!!Just saying!!

  7. Mr. Informer,
    I noticed that you made reference to the fire department being all white. You and i have had this conversation before. I don't know why i even bother to post to you because you will never acknowledge where i am coming from. It's all being made out to sound like the fire department is racist and i take offence to that. We have had 6 applications turned in from young black men in the past 6 or 7 months. None of them ever came back. We are constantly asking young black men to join the department, just to be laughed at. Maybe if the department had a black chief, more people would join the fire department but i am getting sick of being made out to be a racist. I challenge you to help me get blacks on the department. I think you will find out that they are not concerned enough about their communities to get involved. Maybe you will get to hear the same things i do such as "How much does it pay" and "I'm not risking my life for somebody for nothing". I've even had on be honest enough to say "I'm not gonna stop smoking weed long enough to pass a drug test. Help me help our city! Don't make us out to be the enemy. We are here for EVERYBODY!

  8. Jonathan F. Griffith
    You have put us on your list of The Cithy of Lumberton improprieties Saying that Lumberton has an ALL white fire dept. Which is true we do.

    We have been called a Racist Redneck Meth-Head Hillbilly fire dept. Yet we are the ones that will put our lifes on the line to fighte a grass/woods fire cause people cant follow the simple rule of a burn permit (which is Free at City Hall) or follow the common sense rule of not burning on a windy day.
    We are the ones that for any reason answer med. calls at any time day or night to any persons home BLACK or WHITE be a major reason from gun shoot, stabing, or unresponseive male or female-old or young . to as simple as a head-ache or stomach-ache even calls to the same address (6) time in one week even know the same out come
    First Responders of the (RRMH) All White Fire Dept. will respond at 2a.m. to preform CPR to any one Black or White on any day .

    People of Lumberton we have to get to a common outlook (Heres one the only color a fire fighter/ first responder can see is RED -if I bleed I bleed red if you bleed you bleed red no matter the color of your skin)
    Fire does not care what color you are if you get burned IT HURTS. Death does not care about the color of your skin it comes to us all.GOD does not see color. He belives in you no matter how or who you are.

    Belive it or not people from time befor,during,and after the civil war Blacks and Whites would stand together to save lives and fight fires what is so diffrent now is the value of life determined by the color of the person hurt to the color of the person helping



  9. It seems that almost everything you've said has come to fruition and it's time for people to stop sticking their heads in the sand and harping on the people that are being discussed and look at what's being said. At the last board meeting, I was in shock b/c everything you said they were going to do, they did, right down to finding another job for Ryan Byrd. I found a couple of instances where you mispoke some things but you've corrected them, but since most people want to discredit you they continue to use the misquotes as their platform. It seems that you have made amends with Stephanie, despite the fact that I think she's a crook, and from the tone of what you've been saying lately, it seems that you have made amends with the police chief. I also noticed that when you had a discussion with Paul Ockmond you posted a new version of the events. It seems that most people that felt they were wronged have contacted you in one way or another. Does Bobby Gibson and Timothy Johnson think they're gonna convince the public that they're not reading the blog by never responding or offering their version of events? I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say and if they will actually give their side of why they behave like donkeys?

  10. I wish I knew the answers you are seeking, but I will contiue to blog because it's evident that we're not going to be permitted to say how we feel at a board meeting and have it put into the minutes, but if they want to contine to pretend that they're unaware of the things said about them here then so be it.

  11. Mr. Informer,

    Just to show that i don't disagree with everything you say, or that i agree with everything that goes on at the board meetings, I do take issue with the boards reluctance to explain why it disbanded the planning and zoning committee. I disagree with Mr, Johnsons excuse and don't think it should be left in the hands of the board. They should be delegating authority to different sectors within the city government. If they had an issue with the people that were on the committee, why not just put a new committee in place instead of trying to run this city on their own. In my opinion, The Board of Alderman have enough on their plate to eat on without having to go back for seconds!

  12. Contrary to popular belief, I don't need everyone to agree with what I have to say. Just like WDAM generally gives one version of a story, especially when it comes to the City of Lumberton, my blog is the view of one person. I feel that silence is acceptance and my hopes for the blog was to show the other side of the coin that is often left hidden from public view. Hopefully, others will get the courage to come to the board meetings and see for themselves.

  13. How white of Jerry Walters to say that he wanted to show that he don't disagree with everything Jonathan says. With all the injustices taking place every month, he's only upset with the dismissal of the planning commission. Really?

  14. Anonymous,
    Atleast i have the guts to put my name to what i post! I don't have to hide behind the name "Anonymous". No, that's not the only problem i am having. After all i have heard, i have a problem with certain people breaking the law just because they want to. The hiring of new police officers was vetoed by the mayor but yet there is a new female in training, riding around in a city vehicle. From what i've heard from her last place of employment, Lumberton sure don't need her. I hate going to the board meetings. It's like being on the playgound with a group of brat. All you hear is "If you don't play what i want to play, i'm gonna take my toys and go home"! I don't have time to sit and moan about everything wrong in this city. I've got a fire department to run. A fire department that most of the city doesn't support. I try to be a part of the solution. The more gas you put on a fire the hotter it gets. My job is to make sure the fire goes out, not to keep adding fuel to the flames.

  15. I would like to commend you also Mr. Walters,I have noticed that you do sign your name to your post, and you do stand up for your department. I dont know all the details about the fire department, and I will agree with you the key word is VOLUNTEER. For those who dont know which ususally means NO PAY! I live up north where it is hard to become a fire-fighter,and alot of comprehensive test are required to become. So you have my support, at least your not hiding behind ANONYMOUS!

  16. I want to compliment the fire dept of Lumberton. The handful of volunteers they have was at my house the other night, in the rainy weather trying to prevent it from going up from the hands of arsonist. They have my utmost respect. They do put thier lives on the line despite the flack they take in this blog about being "all white". Now Jonathon, please take up the challenge that Jerry has challenged you to do......why don't you be the first black to join????? What you do for a living posting free blogs does not pay so why would you hesitate to join the fire dept for no pay????? Be the first to step up to the plate instead of trying to keep racist hatred alive and well in your post!!!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I Love This Table I FoundDecember 27, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    I guess the person complementing Jery Walters about the good job saving their house is a white person and I'm guessing it's Cindy Potter. I saw her post on Jerry's page and this two-faced, hate filled heifer is trying to challenge you to do something. Tell that pill popping bitch to get a clue. She's around here pointing fingers and she's spewed just as much hate as anyone else or is it not considered hate when it comes from blow job giving lips? I don't know if you'll post this or not, but she must have forgottend the things she's said online and now she has the nerve to try and condemn others. But when it was revealed that her father loved the taste of brown sugar, the entire string of posts were removed. I wonder why? I guess the comments were too close to the truth.


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