Here's What We Think of Your VETO!

At the last board meeting, several items on the agenda was vetoed by Mayor Holder. Generally, the board does not really care about vetoes and there are times, as in the case of Lindsey Carter, the board doesn't bother to override the mayor's veto and just continue to let the person continue to work. I received a call earlier this week and I was told that Regina Newton was working in the police department. I didn't believe the person, so I didn't bother to blog about her working in Lumberton because I knew the next opportunity to override the mayor's veto wouldn't take place until next month. Well, low and behold, I saw it with my own eyes. Regina Newton was in a Lumberton police car, being trained. According to my source, she was "being trained so she can go straight to work when the board overrides the mayor's veto." Where do they do that at? Apparently in Lumberton. Now I know why Bobby Gibson and Rebecca Hale went into the clerk's office right after the board meeting. Just like they allegedly signed the paperwork for Hobson to seek a warrant for the arrest of Mayor Holder, it seems that Gibson and Hale also gave Hobson the go-ahead to put Newton to work in the police department. Now this brings up all types of questions for any concerned citizen. First of all, who paid for her uniform? When I saw her, she was dressed in a Lumberton Police Department shirt and the usual khaki pants. I couldn't tell if she had a gun, but she was in a Lumberton Police car. BTW: Are non-police personnel covered by Lumberton's insurance and can non-police personnel ride in the front seat of a police car? Another question, the fact that she is not officially hired by the City of Lumberton, is evidence and the confidential information that is stored in the police department being compromised since she is not bonded or covered under Lumberton's insurance? Since Newton is not on Lumberton's payroll, she is just another. . . . well, person off the streets, and she shouldn't be trolling around in the police department until the mayor's veto is overridden. Now that leaves me with another question, since the board is not following protocol regarding the laws of overriding the mayor's veto, is Byrd still working as well?


  1. It seems that Bobby Gibson and his crew are going to do what ever they want to do? Why do yo continue to blog because it seems that they winning and have no regard for the law?

  2. I continue to blog because I am holding fast to Psalms 27:13: "I would have fainted unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD In the land of the living" and as long as I'm in the land of the living, I will continue to believe that I will see the goodness of the Lord prevail, even here in Lumberton. I just refuse to accept that darkness will prevail.


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