Say No To The Dump

Tonight the Mayor and Board of Alderpersons will be holding a special called meeting. Part of the agenda will include a discussion regarding the waiver Warren Byrd wants signed to have the South Lamar Industrial Park used for agricultural purposes. Once the waiver is signed, Lamar County is not longer contractually obligated to use the land for economic development. There's already an application on file to use part of the area for a recycling center and Byrd wants 130 acres of the park to be used for housing cattle. It is imperative that you voice you concerns regarding this use for this site. The application to the MDEQ (Mississippi Department of Enviromental Quality) had been filed and in order to get a public hearing on the matter, we must submit our objections in writing. Below is a copy of a letter I submitted, you can write your own or feel free to use the one I provided. The letters must be received by July 12, 2014, in order to be used for consideration. The letters must be addressed to Charlie Bock, Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board, P.O. Box 2261, Jackson, MS 39225.

Mr. Charles Brock

Mississippi Environmental Quality Permit Board

P.O. Box 2261

Jackson, MS 39225

Dear Mr. Brock,

I write to protest the massive recycling center proposed for Lumberton, Mississippi currently labeled the Rolloff Recycling Center, LLC. As a nearby resident/visitor to the area, I believe the potential harms of this facility clearly outweigh the benefits. We neither need nor want a trash complex of this magnitude.

Rolloff Recycling Center, LLC projects significant monetary benefits to the host municipality and county. However, these inflated projections are based in a large part on an industrial park that does not even exist. No matter what financial benefits are proclaimed, I do not believe they will outweigh the environmental and aesthetic harms that will affect the majority of citizens -- including traffic, noise, odors, and air and water pollution -- posed by such a project. By and large, the citizens who would be most affected by the project live where they do because they prefer a rural setting. The pursuit of happiness -- the Constitutional right to live lives according to their terms and not those of a private developer -- would be abridged.

I do not believe a recycling center; especially one that has been cited for violating health regulations, is compatible with a region that has so much to offer. With the new management of Little Black Creek Water Park, this area offers camping, fishing, hunting, canoeing, ATV riding, hiking,and a myriad other opportunities. People come here to enjoy the peace and beauty of a natural environment not to be subjected to the commotion of a working landfill and caravans of trash trucks. Who, except the people who stand to make millions of dollars, would think that sitting a project such as this “in the middle of the woods” is a good idea? Obviously they do not care about the citizens of this region or the people who choose to vacation here. There is no way this will not adversely affect Lumberton, Mississippi.

We do not want a recycling center/landfill in our back yard. Please preserve this region for is best and most sustainable use -- forest/open space/outdoor recreation and tourism.


I will have copies available for anyone that want to sign them. It's important that you voice your concern and let your representative on the board know that you do not support this move to have this land turned into a dump site. The special called meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. Hope to see you there.


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