Say No To The Dump: Update

So now they're saying “Jonathan got it wrong." Here we go again with the shoot the messenger mentality. At this juncture, it really doesn't matter if the proposed dump site is going to be located in the South Lamar Industrial Park or on Yawn School Road. What matters is the citizens of Lumberton were not properly notified of what was going on. This is the information age and they're still posting notifications on the back wall of the library and in a corner in the post office like it was 1954. Today people have tablets, smart phones and computers; they're no longer required to go to the library to get books. As a matter of fact, one can get postage online as well; so a trip to the post office is also a thing of the past. So for those that are trying to downplay what I'm saying because the address on the permit does not match the location mentioned on the site are comparing apples to oranges. The fact remains, the County has plans for a dump site in this area and the trash will be hauled through our city streets, leaving a trail of liter in their wake. Trust me, it's not going to be a pretty sight. They're planning on hauling trash, debris and other refuge through our community. Do you think they're going to use the best equipment to haul trash? No. They're hauling trash not Escalades.

There are those that don't want to accept anything I have to say and that's their right. However, the trash dump is coming to this area if we sit back and wait on others to be our voice. South Lamar Industrial Park or Yawn School Road; either location is too close. Someone said today that Lumberton is already a dump and we should welcome more trash into our community. Well, I disagree. Lumberton is my home and I'm not ready to turn my back and allow it to beusedas a dump site. The way information is disseminated to the citizens of Lumberton is very antiquated; weather we're taking about the proposed dump site or boil water notices, something must change. Why are we not receiving notices via WDAM, Twitter an official City of Lumberton Facebook account? The way we communicate with one another has changed; therefore, the way notices are sent out must also change.

I may have been incorrect about the location of the dump site but I presented the information just like I received it; piece by piece. But the fact remains, the County has plans for a dump site in our community an we, the citizens of Lumberton, were never properly notified. Also, Warren Byrd is trying to convince the board to sign a waiver, releasing the County from their promise to economically develop the South Lamar Industrial Park. These matters will be on the agenda at tonight's special called board meeting. Don't take my word, come see for yourself.


  1. I buy postage stamps at the atm where I live.....yes Post Office is a thing of the past (about to be)..Daville

  2. Very well said.


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