Waiting On Confirmation...

I guess we can stop trying to convince everyone that no one is reading the blog. I was prepared to post a review of last night's meeting but I'm waiting for Charlie Bock to send me some paperwork regarding the amended solid waste plan the Lamar County Board of Supervisors submitted to the MDEQ to accommodate the recycling site on Yawn School Road. It seems that the County has been working on this move for quite some time. The looming question I have is "if this is a County project, why do they need the City of Lumberton to sign off on the project"? Wouldn't an agreement of that nature require an Interlocal Agreement or Resolution? Unless, of course, the County want Lumberton to be liable for any environmental hazards that may occur after this facility is opened. Keep in mind, the area is not accessible via the interstate. So the possibly abestos filled material will be transported through our city and there's no type of traffic flow planon file. But I said I was waiting for information.

Before closing, I would like to mention item number two from last night's agenda. It seems that the Lumberton Fireproof Panthers Volunteer Fire Department Support Group want to use the City of Lumberton's tax ID number in orderto Iopen a bank account. Keep in mind that this department is funded by the City of Lumberton but they're not under the control of the City of Lumberton. They have a board that make decisions on their behalf. Since they'r an independent group that's funded by the city, they want to use our tax ID. How ridiculous! It's not that difficult to obtain a tax ID number and I can't imagine the conflict that may arise from such an agreement. Thankfully, at the suggestion of the city's attorney, the board denied the request.

I will post some of the video footage from the meeting on my Facebook page and later on YouTube. Once I get more information from the MDEQ, I will post an update. For now, it's back to the phones. I think I'll give Warren Byrd a call...just to introduce myself. Right about now I bet Ben Winston is upset about that job he was "setting up" at the County office because had I been working in that office, I wouldn't be able to blog about this deal. Oh well. Enjoy the rest of your day.


  1. Thank you for keeping us informed on the things that's going on in the city.

  2. i love this thank u so much


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