Lest We Forget: 9/11 Thirteen Years of Healing

Today I attended the Day of Remembrance service at the Lumberton Public Library. While waiting for the program to begin, I was approached by Warren Byrd, District 2, Supervisor of Lamar County. At first I thought it was strange that he knew me by name and was able to pick me out of a crowd (although I do have a tendency to stand out; all this faboulosity). It just affirm what I have always known; they're reading the blog but they don't want to admit they're reading. But he was very polite and gave me his business card and his cell phone number. He want to sit and talk to set the record straight and as he said "give me the true facts." Can't wait to converse with him and get the other side of the story. I don't know why I haven't reached out to get his version of the matter but like I've always said, there's three sides to every story. As of now, I've only gotten Ben Winston's version but his facts might be tainted because Winston is looking to run for district supervisor............again.

The program was very good and insightful. I didn't know that the four planes involved were American and United. Melida Carli, branch manager of the Lumberton Library, made a very poignant reference to the fact that as Americans we should always remain United. The video of the program has been posted on the Lumberton Informer Facebook page. I don't know if it's because of the Day of Remembrance or if there's something in the air, but everyone was overly polite on this day. Everyone was greeting each other with smiles and handshakes. Unfortunately, none of the elected officials of Lumberton were in attendance. Aside from meeting several friendly people, I got the opportunity to chat with Lumberton School District Superintendent, Dr. Linda Smith. It's always a joy to speak with her and she had some very encouraging words to share. She invited me to attend the open house tonight at Lumberton School District. I don't know if the friendliness of others will last beyond today but I will enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. What a Wonderful Day!! My thoughts and prayers are with each Family that was touched by 9-11 and
    Jay great job!!!

  2. Jay, it'a good that Warren Byrd want to speak with you, but be careful take a witness and let him contact you.
    I am not saying it's not good but until you know a person motive you have to be careful. It could be dirty Polictic and not sincere. Just saying.........


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