Future Leaders of Tomorrow: Leading By Example

On Saturday, March 26, 2016, the members of Future Leaders of Tomorrow (F.L.O.T) hosted a Kid’s Day (Day in the Park) Event at the 5th Avenue Park in Lumberton. This was a fun-filled event that had plenty of food, entertainment and information to help uplift the community. The event included speeches, performances, voter registration, performances, crawfish, barbeque and a Easter egg hunt. Lumberton is featured on WDAM all the time but for some reason, this event didn’t make the news. I wonder why???? This group of dedicated, caring, community minded individuals gave of their time and resources to provide a positive day of fellowship for the children of Lumberton and surrounding areas and the event was a GREAT SUCCESS! Kudos to the Future Leaders of Tomorrow because they are Lifting Up the City of Lumberton Through TRUE Leadership. Maybe those at city hall should take notes. I heard they are going to host a similar event in Poplarville. Their desire to spread unity, peace and provide a positive event for our youth is an admirable feat and we all should get on board and help them as they continue to grow. Keep up the good work!


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