Zee Day

In case you didn't know it today is ZEE DAY! Who is Zee? Well, I'm glad you asked. Zee is Zarian Phlegm. He's 10 years old, lives in the City of Poplarville and is the sone of Derwin and Shantel Phlegm. I have never met Zee but I have gotten to know him through the posts on his mother's Facebook page. His grandmother, the late Mary Phlegm-Toney, used to beam whenever she spoke of her grandson. Zee was born with Spina Bifida, a birth defect charcaterized by the improper development of the spine. On yesterday, this courageous young man endured his 45th surgery but he always manages to keep a smile on his face. There were days when I wanted to have a pity party and I would scroll through Facebook and see Zee with that infectious smile and it would give me the courage to keep pressing forward. I would like to thank his parents, Derwin and Shantel, for sharing his journey on social media because seeing him endure such hardship with an expression of joy has encouraged me many days and that's why I drove to Poplarville to take part in Zee Day. The Yogurt Basket is having a fund-raiser to help ease the finacial burden of Zee's family. They have to make a lot of trips to Jackson and as you know medical expenses are through the roof. Since Zee is always giving me a reason to smile, I decided to take part in the festivities and I got to enjoy some cinnamon roll waffles with whipped cream and candided pecans; it was a little too early for the Strawberry Colada but I might make another trip. So, if you're in Poplarville today, stop by The Yogurt Basket and help celebrate ZEE DAY!!!


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