Future Leaders of Tomorrow: Kid's Day 2016

President Abraham Lincoln said "The best way to predict to predict the future is to create it." Well, that's exactly what the Future Leaders of Tomorrow are doing...Creating a Better Future! On Saturday, March 26, 2016 at the 5th Avenue Community Park in Lumberton, the Future Leaders of Tomorrow will host/sponsor Kid's Day for the children of Lumberton, Purvis, Poplarville and other surrounding cities. There will be guest speakers on hand to educate everyone about the importance of voting, there will be several people on their grills, including Jake Bolton, there will be music provided by Marcus D, there will be an Easter egg hunt and did I mention there will be plenty of food, games and other activities for the kids. The event will start at 12 noon so bring your kids out to see Leadership in Action! It's good that there are some in Lumberton that are working to preserve the past (Lumberton Museum) but the Future Leaders of Tomorrow are working to create a better future and investing in those that will carry the baton of tomorrow's leadership. So please support this group and their quest to build a better future. Come out and watch future world and local leaders at work and play. Hope to see you there!


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