Introducing Ben Winston: Candidate for District 106

I didn't plan on speaking about Ben Winston or his candidacy for the vacated District 106 post. Prior to my conversation with Winston, I asked myself why is Ben running...again? But the answer is simple; people continue to vote for him. He's won most of the offices he sought and that's probably why he's running again. Also, he's aware that there's a good chance that there will be a runoff election because there's 5 candidates (no one will be able to get 50% plus one; if they do there's a dead cat on the line and in the electronic voting machines). After speaking with Winston, I'm still not clear of his platform but he genuinely think he can make a difference.

When asked what qualiifies him to hold the position of District 106 Representative, Winston said the following "My God-given abilities, education, experience, business management and supervisory skills qualify me for this position. After serving as a former alderman, supervisor, mayor and pastor, I possess maturity and empathy, both of which increase my capacity to serve." My track record of 30 years as a successful businessman, community advocate, responsible family man, public servant and minister provides me with an understanding of the issues and the wisdom to make the difference


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