The Real House Ni***** of Lumberton: November Edition

If former mayor, Ben Winston didn't teach us anything else; he taught us that anything can be done in Lumberton with three votes. He managed to wrangle three supporters for everything that blocked progress in Lumberton but our community has three representatives on the board and they can't seem to do anything to take control. In other words, we have a set of house ninjas in office waiting on the crumbs from massahas table. We have the majority because the mayor cannot vote, unless there's a tie. So ask yourself what Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers won't support Quincy Rogers when he vote for or against certain items? For the most part, Quincy is going to do the right thing but the board will fight him every step of the way. Regardless of what the rest of the board members do, he should know that he has the backing of Cora and Tommy but he don't and they're always kicking against the prick. If Quincy was not an honorable, level headed person, I wouldn't suggest voting with him but he has shown year after year that he has the wherewithal to make the right decision and everytime, Tommy Dukes and Cora Rogers, leave him hanging. Instead of following Quincy's lead, they listen to the Old Lady Gang, Merlene Wall, Danny Davis and Kent Crider. So, they're the massahs and the house ninjas fall in line like they're supposed to.

You need an example? Well, Jimmy Willis is an experienced former Public Works employee and has tried to get hired again by the City of Lumberton but Danny Davis does not want to work with qualified employees, so he allegedly told the board not to hire Willis and they obeyed his orders and did not hire Willis. However, just a few weeks after whining about not having enough employees, Davis turned down a qualified applicant and later ordered the board to hire unqualified workers while keeping retirees on the payroll. Rumor has it that he's getting two more employees today but he still has the board under strict orders NOT to hire Willis. So you have three black alderpersons and they are following the demands of a racist department head and refusing to hire an qualified employee because Danny told them not to hire him. Who's the boss?

I guess it's time for me to return to the board meetings because they think I'm dormant. I just heard that Melisssa Nightengale was terminated.....AGAIN. I wonder what she uncovered this time. The first time they fired Melissa it was because she caught Hugh Jay McGraw stealing money from the cash register at city hall. Notice I didn't say allegedly. I wonder who she caught this time? I'm sure the Old Lady Gang is behind this action and the Real House Ninjas of Lumberton will fully support their massahs decisions. I'll keep you posted and if anyone knows how I can get in touch with Melissa, please let me know because I think she can give me the real tea about what's going on at city hall.


  1. Lumberton rely on stupid people to hold these offices. I find it strange that people hate Trump but support Ben Winston. They're pretty much the same. The black community is fine with the illusion of control because the old white people are still running the show because of coons like Tommy Dukes and Cora Rodgers.

  2. Somebody needs to remind the three house ninja's that Lincoln freed the slaves along time ago..Ask them how would Dr. King view their actions..

  3. You speak so poorly of the elected officials of Lumberton. That's probably why they don't listen to you and allow their department heads to violate the employee handbook guidelines. Maybe you should be nicer. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.


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