Review of November 1, 2016 Board Meeting: The Step and Fetch Edition

I attended the meeting tonight for several reasons: to see if they were going to address the letter of complaint I submitted almost a month ago, to see if Step (Tommy Dukes) and Fetch (Cora Rogers) received permission from their massah to address my blog post and to make those in attendance uncomfortable. I guess Tommy and Cora didn't receive their freedom papers because they looked as shackled as ever. I arrived a few minutes late at the city engineer was, as usual, informing the board about applying for more millions more in airport grants so they can continue to improve the airport and get $350/month in rent for an entire airport. The department heads gave their reports. Crider was excited to announce that the increase in water bill rates generated an additional $2,000 last month and could result in an additional $25,000/year. Before they could continue the celebration of fleecing the citizens of Lumberton, they turned around and voted to allow Merlene "The Money Pit" Wall to attend Election Recertification, pay for registration, hotel, per diem and mileage for a total of $1,184.33. According to Wall, the training will take 5 days and she said she is required to attend this training every year. Please keep in mind that she attended this same training for the Special Election in December. Who knows? Maybe she will actually learn something this time.

The following was paid: unpaid claims for the month of October 2016 in the amount of $60,843.62; paid claims in the amount of $7,657.24; payroll in the amount of $32,327.13 (General Fund), $12,860.00 (WSOM) for a total of $45,190.13. However, later in the meeting, they voted down two agenda items for the police department because they claim they don't have any money but they have money to continue wasting training on Merlene. The meeting was relatively short. Can you believe they didn't go into executive session. After the meeting, Tommy Dukes asked Daniel Davis if he could speak to him and the two went around the corner and cuddled or something. Meeting adjourned.


  1. I remember a Daniel Davis from school. Same guy?

    1. It's that same cunt that's always been over the Public Works Department. It wants to be called Daniel now. I guess Danny is connected to too many child porn sites.


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