Pitbull Paul

I'm still thinking about Paul Ockmond's behavior at the special call meeting that was held the other night. Just the other week, Kent Crider wanted to establish an ordinance to have citizens arrested for outburst/disturbances at the city hall meetings. Surprisingly or not so surprisingly, Bobby Gibson didn't make his normal gesture to Dennis Hobson to have Paul removed from the meeting. Generally, when Gibson is not pleased with the comments of a citizen, he motions to one his police officers to come over and threaten to remove the citizen from the meeting, but this didn’t' happen the other night.
It's just hard for me to believe that a person received $40,000 for two buildings that cost him less than $9,000 and he's still not satisfied. Now he wants the City of Lumberton to break the law, come onto private property and paint the side of his remaining building because he does not like the way it looks now that the adjacent buildings are no longer standing. Then this lover of the City of Lumberton threatens to sue the city he loves because he's not getting his way. I take issue with Paul Ockmond's behavior because he claims he loves the City of Lumberton (as long as it benefits him financially) and he's a minister. The last time I saw a minister that upset at city hall was after the recount of Lumberton's 2009 election ballots. Paul was barking orders to Bobby Gibson, telling him that "he know what he's supposed to do" and he was as subtle as a bull in a china store. I didn't know Paul could get so feisty, he was barking and charging like a pit-bull but his actions came across as a bothersome Chihuahua. But the way Gibson, Johnson and Crider were coddling Paul after the meeting, I' sure they're going to find a way to grant Paul everything he's demanding from the City of Lumberton.


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