Adrien Fortenberry: A Man of Integrity

I am writing this on election day, but if the results are not as expected, this post will probably never be posted or adjusted according to the final results. WTBS. . It's no secret that I support Chief Adrien Fortenberry in his quest to become the next sheriff of Marion County and I hope the residents of Marion County not only feel that way, but come out and support Fortenberry with their votes. I am hoping and praying that Fortenberry wins because success is the best revenge. What the enemy meant for bad, God made it for your good. Bobby Gibson and his co-horts are here to steal, kill and destroy and that's exactly what they tried to do to Adrien Fortenberry; they stole his position as Chief of Police for the City of Lumberton; they killed a department of veteran officers and they did everything possible to destroy your chances of becoming the next sheriff of Marion County. To all of that I have only this to say. . . but God! I am praying for your success and I truly hope the people of Marion County come out and support you. Despite the outcome of the election, you will always be known as a Man of Integrity. Peace and blessings!


  1. I know the post stated that I wouldn't publish this article pending the election results, but I decided to post anyway.

  2. Best wishes Adrien!!!!


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