On Thursday, June 19, 2014, the City of Lumbeton will bid an earthly farewell to Rashod "Rody" Henry. As a four-year starter, Henry helped Lumberton High to a 47-5 record, including state crowns in 2004 and 2005. He set a state playoff record in 2006 when he ran for 437 yards and four touchdowns in the Panthers' 32-13 win over Kemper County.

He also was a three-time state champion in the 200-meter dash and won another state title in the long jump.

He had signed to play football at the University of Southern Mississippi, but signed a professional baseball contract after being selected by the Atlanta Braves in the 28th round of the 2007 amateur draft. He appeared in 44 games with the GCL Braves over two seasons, hitting .227.

The death of Rashod Henry, who was affectionately referred to as Rody, has sent shock waves throughout the community. In tribute to the life he lived, I would like to share some words of encouragement from some of his friends and family.

Growing up in Lumberton was some of the greatest times in my life. Football games and cookouts. Just being one of the guys. To hear about Rody deeply saddens me. I pray for his family and I can't imagine your pain right now. Rashod Henry was the best to put on the Jersey no matter the sport. He inspired a lot of men growing up in that town. Incredible guy. So many great memories I will always cherish. Rest Easy Brother.--Benjamin Sullivan

People from all over joke on my home town and talk about how awful Lumberton is and yes we know how small it is but truth is at Lumberton you didn't get looked at as white or black rich or poor. Everybody was family. One hurt everybody hurt my best memories of life came from cheering for a football team that couldn't be touched. We called ourselves a dynasty and because of u Rashod Henry the best laughs good times and awesome memories was made during those times esp with your what time is it? Game time speech! Hate u had to go so early but since u was the fastest guess we will let u go see heaven first save us all a seat.--Brianna Easley Allen

I know this one face we all gonna miss seeing, everybody who know rody knew he was ALWAYS smiling.. Sweetest person id ever met.. All I can do is cry I don't understand it but all I can do is pray and hope I see you again...--Emily Rose

You were Kaliajha's first pretend boyfriend all both of her Headstart years at the time I didn't even like football but she made somebody from the house take her to the game to see you play!! You made sure you just gave her wave or something just so she would know you saw her. She even made KeKe Gray get her a shirt with your number on it #21 it's probably still floating around Carolyn's house. Well you went on to a better place no crying no suffering just happy moments you will defiantly be missed by loved ones and friends!!!--Carmen Latoya Hartfield

It's hard to be strong when your main homie gone.... Rest in paradise Rashod Henry u will truly be missed.--Kenneth McLemore

As I open my eyes this morning nothing but years can fall from them ..! Rody was my right hand man, my cousin, my brother, my friend, my protecter.!! It hurts me so bad bcuz I feel I've lost a piece of me! It's not the same anymore not getting ur calls saying "Cuz What We Doing Today" or all the fun times with friends we shared at my house in Unviersity Edge & behind Lowes!! As the day passed yesterday I notice something you've always told me, Never take time for granted bcuz u never know when it may b ur time to go!! As tears flow down my face all I can do is just pray n make myself understand Gods reason! But loosen two main important people in my life is a hard pill to swallow!! I won't sit up & say everything's ohk bcuz it's not I don't even feel comfortable saying rest in peace bcuz this is not real!! I tell myself this is not true lord please give me strength.--Diamond Princess West

This is really a hard pill to swallow and when I say I'm having a harder time than I taught accepting it........I. tossed and turned last night just thinkin bout my cousins Whitney Ambitious Poole and Rashod Henry......I remember d last time yal came to my house knocked on doing door at 2 am in for morning and Whitney wasnt worried bout me lol she wanted to c my baby and me, whit, and rodie went to d casino and stayed all night and Rodie would blame whitney for him losing lol we have had some good times thru d years.........im sure everyone has a good story to tell when it comes to "SHOW TIME" rest on baby boy whether we like it or not ur in a better place it's a dirty dirty world that we live in........prayers to do Henry family and Whitney continue to push on baby and raise them boys!!!!!--Say Primetime Whenyouspeakingtome

Still thinkin bout my boy,Still dont seem real,Love u bra,And will miss u,Cant believe it,Til we meet again.--Chase DeNiro

If we could bring you back again,for one more hour r day,we'd express all our unspoken love;we'd have countless things to say.If we could bring you back again,we'd say we treasure you & that ur presence in our lives meant more than we ever knew.If we could bring you back again to tell you what we should,you'd know how much we miss you now & if we could we would. R.I.P. Rashod Henry..My heart is so heavy as I know a lot of people's are. He was truly a blessing to have been n my life..n that is where he will forever remain. I pray for strength for each n everyone that has been affected by his leaving. Let's all come together for the family n b genuine towards them. Rodie will b absent n the body but will live forevermore n our spirits. Love u bru.--Teneisha Jefferson

As I lay here thinking about all the quarters we played together and all the innings we played knowing we can't talk about it no more is hard but watching u running up down that field giving the people a show made the town of Lumberton and also we will miss u dancing all night long cause u tho u was Chris brown are somebody but most of all was loved by everybody we will meet again and when we do be at the gates and say turn up time again love.--Cord Rogers

My brother My Brother... As I sit here taking it all in... You were an awesome dude... From every talk we had at the house, to us partying like fools....cause every time you seen rody you already knew me,pap, Rilo, or dirt was close...from the football games to the track meets... Imma always remember those times...now your gone to better place but your heart will always be at the house with us...we gone miss you bro...and I promise to remain humble and positive and fight just for you!!! I love you bro...rest easy!!! Gods has you and your family in his arms!! looking for strength!!--Dantrez McLemore

As I lay here with no more tears to cry ,I sit back and think of all the times we had together. We started playing sports at the age of 6 and played all the way through school. Yes we were all friends but not realizing at the time, we grew into a family. We were the best with a pigskin not because we were the biggest or the strongest (prolly the fastest), but because we were family and no one could touch us then or now. If you messed with one of us you got all of us. I love all you guys and will always be here when needed. Today is a tragic day for us, we are all deeply hurt, but we should realize that Rody is in a better place and he ain't hurtin no more! He will always be with us and one day we will be reunited with him and the good lord above. With that been said id like to give a very special thanks to Stanley Mcgowan for showing us the way. You created something great and we are deeply in debt to you for it. Also I'd like to thank Lisa Carroll Smith for keepin us outta trouble in our wilder days. You helped hold us all together and we couldn't have done it without you. I'm very proud to have been a part of this and we will always be family no matter what. Rashod Henry is a legend and the greatest athlete that Lumberton Ms will ever know. I'm glad I got to grow up with him and share some great times with him and the rest of my brothers.--Matt Jacobs

I have been asked so many times why I loved all my kids so much when I worked at the school? And it was a hard question to answer bc I just did, it wasn't something I tried to do, it just came natural. There has always been that handful tho that even after they graduated they still never left. Rody was one of those!! The memories the stories go on and on. He was always happy ,smiling and full of life. He loved to be loved. I am filled with so much sadness. This is not something I ever wanted to experience as being Ms.Lisa. What will get us all through this is our God. Rody was saved and that alone let's me know that Heaven gained a Precious Angel to watch over us For his Family and Friends keep praying and love each often bc that's how he would of wanted it!!!--Lisa Carroll Smith


  1. Sabrina YoungbloodJune 18, 2014 at 4:41 PM

    a very nice tribute to Rashad and his friends and family. I pray for strength for those whode life he touched.

  2. Heart felt love for everyone. We must be more of this family for everyone all of the time. Roy was at James Chapel United Methodist Church Easter of 2013 and we had a great time.


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