Car and Bike Show/Christmas Parade

Oh, the politics in this town can be frightful. But Saturday, December 13th, will be quite delightful. And if you have no place to go. Head over to Wood-Hinton Park for the car show, the car show, the car show.

Apologies for my attempted remix of Let It Snow, but I wanted to remind everyone about the Car and Bike Show that's being hosted by Wright's Custom Woodwork at Wood-Hinton Park, Saturday, December 13, 2014 beginning at 10:00 am. There will be plenty of food, live entertainment and raffles. The event will raise money to support the Veteran's Christmas Wish List. Please come out and help make this event a great success. After the car show, head on up to Main Street for the PTO Annual Christmas Parade at 5:30 pm.


  1. Today, I was proud to be from Lumberton. The car show was great and I hope it gets bigger every year. The parade was awesome, the best one ever. I enjoyed everything and the sense of community is one of the things I love and miss about my city.


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