Have You No Shame?

Just last week, we all witnessed Mayor Winston cooning for County support. There are some that feel the Lamar County Board of Supervisors should step in and take over but I'm not in that group. What was made clear during the exchange between Winston and the Supervisors was the fact that they offered some advice on how to correct this matter. It was also clear that Winston had no intention of raising taxes, per the supervisor's recommendation. The question remains, why ask for advice if you're not going to follow it? Are you that much of a block head? According to Winston,
"I hoped y'all, especially with the season we're in, would dig into your hearts and find a reason to help others and not find a reason to not help others."
In other words, a person that allegedly threw away all the Christmas decorations at his former church because he didn't want them celebrating Christmas, wants the Lamar County Board of Supervisors to play Santa Claus for the City of Lumberton. Talk about double standards. Well, since Winston was naughty and refused the advice of the supervisors, he received a big lump of coal instead of a bail out. So what's next?

How can a city function without a police department? I guess that's why the mayor is hosting a special called meeting tonight? It seems that Winston now want to have Lumberton declared a hub. I'm not certain what that mean, but I'm almost certain that it's some sort of run around the laws. He's probably going to use this new designation in an effort to unincorporate the City of Lumberton and once the city is unincorporated, he can get rid of the police department. That would mean the citizens and businesses are unprotected but that does not seem to concern Ben Winston. His only focus is to get rid of the police department. Just a few weeks ago, Merlene Wall reported there was enough money to carry the budget through January, 2015, but last week, she drove to Purvis, and delivered a letter stating that the City of Lumberton had $2,000 left in the budget. Again, what's happening to the money? Here's another question, if the city is strapped for money, how can they find thousands of dollars to pay Richard Rose? Are they saying Richard Rose is more important than public safety? I went through all the agendas and not one of them had an order to hire Richard Rose. How are we paying a guy that was never hired? Why is he submitting itemized billing reports for work that should have been completed by the city clerk? As a matter of fact, nothing is supposed to be changed in the personnel policy because of pending litigation, but somehow, Rose is billing the City of Lumberton, for work completed on a new personnel policy. How is this possible? Rose was never added to the agenda to be hired and there's nothing in the available minutes showing him as an employee of Lumberton. And we all know, the city speaks through its minutes; that's why it's important for them to be recorded accurately. It amazes me that Winston told Danny Davis that he couldn't sign a check for emergency repairs without board approval but he's more than willing to sign payments to Rose without board approval or any record of the hiring of this person. In other words, he will go all out for an embattled, former city planner but won't make the necessary changes to keep our police department. That speaks volumes about your mayor.

There's a special called meeting tonight. I wonder how much will be discussed in public or will they cower and go into executive session to hide their true motives. I must say, I applaude the Lamar County Board of Supervisors and their attorney; he let Winston know that his request to go into executive session was a violation of the Open Meeting Act. Unfortunately, our board goes into executive session for everything. It's sad that a person entering their 10th year as an elected official, does not have a better understanding of the laws governing his position. Unless the meeting is canceled, I will see you tonight by the Grace of God.


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