Your Slip Is Showing

Disclaimer: This blog post will contain some content that may be deemed offensive. I will be using various, unedited quotes. Please log off now if you feel you can not handle the content.

If you are still reading this post, you have acknowledged the fact that you are aware of the potential volatile nature of this post. The other week, when I penned the "We Are Lumberton" post, I decided that I had dedicated enough time and effort to what's wrong with Lumberton. I posted blogs and provided video to support my statements. At that point, I felt I had given the citizens of Lumberton enough information to help them make an informed decision on how they wanted to move this city in a new direction. I was planning on transitioning this blog into a more positive tool. I'm still planning on promoting positive images of Lumberton but I have to pause for a moment to address the letter I received yesterday from an attorney representing Merlene Wall, city clerk. Now those that know me, know I'm not about to get off my chariot to throw tomatoes with the peasants. However, I will not cower because I received a poorly written letter from an attorney. Since the accusations levied against me are in reference to my criticism of her job performance as city clerk, why didn't Lindsey Carter, city attorney take the case? Just think, the moment when I was finished with political blogging, I get a letter that dragged me back into the bloggersphere. I have no doubt that every department head was aware of Merlene's move, including Chief Cowart and Danny Davis but that's not going to halt my support of the police department or the criticism of the other departments. One thing I know for certain, everyone that smiles in your face is not your friend. As a matter of fact, Merlene probably presented this idea at one of the weekly department heads meeting so she could get the approval of Mayor Ben Winston and Alderwoman Cora Rogers; allegedly speaking of course. But let me share how I felt after reading the letter.

Now this is where the rubber meet the road. I know tnis is 2014, but that letter transpoted me back to Rosewood, Florida circa 1923. In 1997, John Singleton made a movie about this town. Here's some background information. There was this town of successful black farmers and many were envied by those living in the neighboring white community. A man called Mr. Mann came into town; he was bold and not afraid to confront white people. During the plot, a white woman was beaten by the man she was having an affair with. Looking for a reason to explain the bruises, the woman rushed out the house, started ripping her clothes and started yelling, "Nigger, nigger, nigger!" The black maids knew she was having an affair but continued to clean the house but the white women gathered around her as she continued to tell her lies. Everyone in town knew the type of woman she was, but they wanted to believe the lies because they didn't like the person that was being lied on. Aunt Sarah, one of the main characters, summed it up best with this quote.

"Child, you don’t think they’re going to listen to old Aunt Sarah? They’d just as soon string me up…like they done Sam Carter. You ain’t never seen crackers act the way I know. When I was a little girl, about 7, still on the Willowbrook plantation, old massa’s son stole $20 out of the family chest for a cockfight. Massa knew he took it, as blue as Jesus’ eyes, he knew. But just the same he whipped my daddy half to death . It don’t matter what man was beating on Fancy Taylor. Nigger. It’s just another word for guilty.
And that's what I feel is behind this letter. It's not about being called out because of poor job performance, it's the fact that a black man has the temerity to call out an old Southern bell for not doing her job. The letter was an attempt to put me in my place. This is a tactic that has been used over and over again in the South. How many times have white women cried rape when they're caught doing wrong? How many black lives were destroyed because of these lies? Why do white women cry rape when no crime has been committed? I'm guessing it's the same reason why white women seek legal counsel when they fail at their jobs; they want to appear innocent. I find it appaling that someone would pervert the justice system to cover the fact that they don't know how to do their job. Restraining orderes are for abused women. Now there's a threat to use a protective order to keep the truth from being blogged and recorded on video. No wonder it's so hard for women of domestic violence to get justice. When you have women willing to play tbe role of an abused person just to keep the public from the truth, that's a problem. Every time a false case is filled, it makes the battle for legitimate claims much more difficult. I want to go on record and say that I will not go away quietly. You are going to have to defend these accusations to the fullest extent of the law and just remember, I have copies of the tapes. It's going to be rather difficult proving I'm harassing/defaming you when I have your words confirming what I blogged. Have you been fired as a result of my comments? You're going to have to prove how my posts had an adverse affect on your life. I know when it comes to black men, justice is often blind but hopefully, it's not deaf. So, let's call a thing a thing Merlene. Your slip is showing and you're really upset that this n-word has the nerve to attempt to impune the work of a white, Southern woman born during a time when the colored folks knew their place or were forced into their place; allegedly speaking of course. Well, just when I thought we could move past color, here we are again. Please note, these are generalizations and do not apply to everyone. I have a lot of support from all races and it is my hope that you are not offended by this post. However, I'm not Charles Barkley. I'm not blind to the nuances of racism, they still exist. This post is about one woman's motive and the fact that our mayor is allegedly supporting this move because he feel the case would be received better if the victim is a frail, old white woman that's being attacked by this black brute. I was hoping to do a reflection of the events of 2014, but once again, I must take a defensive stand to fight for my rights to freedom of speech. I still have hope that Lumberton will rise from the ashes but we must stop those that constantly carries matches and a can of gas. I am thankful for those that read this blog, watch the videos and offers respectful criticism. This year has been a hurdle but we had some great moments. Thank you for reading. I wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. Happiest of New Years to you! Keep up the Great work. What they are doing is a shame at City Hall these days.
    I am a southern white woman by choice and judge people by their actions rather that their color. You are an intelligent man and I hope people are listening.

  2. Having grown up in and around Lumberton, I was quick to join the military and get out of there. I've been gone for almost 27 years now. Each time I visit I see the town deteriorating more, to the point that I haven't even bothered to visit in the last year. I'm retiring in the coming months and when asked by my wife if we would finally go home, I reminded her that it's a dying town and holds nothing for me anymore. I'll not be returning to the home of my youth. I find the actions taken against this blogger to be ridiculous and downright embarrassing. I have shed the blood of corrupt regimes across the world only to find that my home is no better, and possibly worse than some. I ask that you continue the fight against corruption for the betterment of our community. Peace to you in the coming year, sir. I salute you.

  3. The fact that Merlene has been monitoring your blog since October could be the reason why she can't do her job. She should be ashamed of herself for going to a lawyer. If you can't do your job then go home. I think Ben is behind this. Despite the posts and the videos, he's planning on running for supervisor again. In two years, he has destroyed Lumberton and now he want to represent us on the county level. I think not. I love your support of the police department but I think Flynr should be chief. Elsie is part of what's wrong in Lumberton. If she would gave done her job, those guys from Lumberton wouldn't be in jail waiting to go to trial for murder.

  4. So far reading your blog has been a delightful ray of hope for Lumberton and its citizens, attempting to shine that light on the corruption that has sent it spiraling southward into poverty and corruption. However I must say that you could have once again made your point with elegant speech and factual information easily without going into a racial rant that I see here. It pains me to know that the person that was so adamantly co fessing the truths of lumber tons political system has deemed it necessary to go beyond the bounds of facts, into the realm of speculation, stooping to the level of those she intends to damn, by making statements that should have been left in the book from which the ideas came. Instead of further increasing your status as an Intellectual you have revealed your own personal affliction for certain racial and social demographics. I hope your statement here does not hurt your case.

    1. Addressing racism does not diminish my intellect. As a matter of fact, it shows that I can transcend the barriers others attempt to place on me for self serving purposes. As I stated, I am a black man and I am well aware of the nuances of racism. I know we like to think this country is post racial but it takes more than putting a black person in office to end racist attitudes that are still alive and well. This was a view and I felt and still feel that Merlene want to silence me because I should know my place. My musings aren't neat as harsh as those presented by the Hattiesburg Patriot. If you were offended, that was not my intent. I was expressing my feelings hoping to start some dialogue. After completing the post and reading the responses, I realized her actions exceeded the bounds of racism but I stand by what I post and I feel it would be hypocritical to retract the post.


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