This Is What You Voted For

Today, there will be a lot of finger pointing and an attempt to blame the previous board. So before they start the blame game, let's look at the facts. The condition of this city is the fault of those currently in office and those who voted for them to serve as their representative. At the last board meeting, Ben boasted that he worked three months in the post of mayor without pay. What do you want, a pat on the back. Have you forgotten that Mayor Miriam Holder served for eighteen months without pay. This board keep saying the last board left them in this shape. Look at the facts. The last board kept a full police department and a roster of part time officers. If this board was strapped for cash, why was their first order of business was to set their pay. If the city was broke and they voted to pay themselves, then they were already showing their fiscal irresponsibility. If they want to blame the previous board for something, they can blame them for hiring that tire store manager, Merlene Wall. In an old blog post, I warned the city about her inability to serve in that capacity, but I stepped back from my criticism because people were saying I was too critical but everything I said came to fruition. Now we are at the crossroads and the survival of the city is up in the air.

Tonight, the cards will be put on the table. More than likely, they're going to hide in executive session. There's a lot of unanswered questions. The main question is, what happened to the money? It seems that public safety is not a priority for this administration. If they get rid of the police department, Lamar County is not obligated to patrol the City of Lumberton. Also, without a police department, there's no municipal court; no way to enforce or collect on tickets written by Lumberton police officers. Who will collect taxes? What's going to happen to the lights? I don't have the answers but I will ask. Tonight is the night and we will soon know the fate of the city. Just remember, this is what you voted for and if you didnt vote, then you put you still help them get in office. Another reminder that elections have consequences.


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