Lumberton's Got Talent

There's a lot of negative things said about the City of Lumberton but the city is comprised of some very talented, caring, gifted people. Some have moved but their foundation was established in Lumberton. We have talented singers, athletes, carpenters, musicians, promoters, etc. that call Lumberton home. We may not be proud of those elected to represent our city but there are residents that represent our city very well. In honor of the national attention our city is getting via Michael Simeon's appearances on American Idol, I thought I would use this week as an opportunity to showcase other talented individuals with ties to Lumberton.

Kicking off this series is a talented gymnast, India Rodgers, daughter of Shakita Rodhers and Thomas Holder. I have never attended any of her competitions but I receive updates from her doting grandmother, Miriam R. Holder (retired efucator and former Mayor of Lumberton). India's great grandmother, Linda Cooper, is also a Lumberton resident. I was told that India's goal is to qualify for the Olympics. As her grandmother gave details of her practice schedule, I was exhausted just thinking about it. The fact that this young lady is so dedicated, there's no doubt in my mind that she will accomplish her goals. This past weekend, India placed in several categories at a gymnastics competition in Memphis, TN. She received 1st Place in Vault, 2nd Place in Beam and Special Recognition in High Vault. India is a good representation of the best of Lumberton. Keep up the great work and continue to make #LumbertonProud


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