Not Your Average Joe

Lumberton High School has a history of outstanding athletes. Many go on to college, furthering their athletic and academic careers. I know there's no "I" in team but every year, there's one or more athletes that stands out from the crowd. I don't think there was a game played this season and the sports reporter didn't mention Javier Chavis, Ben McSwain or Joe Arnold. Everytime the Lumberton Panthers step onto a football field, basketball court, tennis court, baseball field or golf course, they're collectively representing their school. But sometimes, there's this one athlete that everyone notices. An athlete that shows good sportsmanship on and off the courts and this year, that athlete is none other than Joe Arnold. Please don't get me wrong, he plays team sports but he's more than a team player he's a leader. I think one of his coaches, Patrick Lee, said it best.
"Sometimes you see a kid sign and hope he makes it. I'm so proud of the fact that this guy will make it because he is a quality human being and football is something he is great at and not what defines him as a great person."

I can say that I haven't attended a high school game in quite some time but I follow them in tbe press. Also, I rarely interact with high school aged individuals but I know this young man only through observation and what's printed in the paper. As a person that's not easily impressed, I must say that Joe Arnold is a very impressive young man. John Wooden said,

"The true test of a man's character is what he does when no one is watching."

I know Joe Arnold probably wouldn't know me from the next person but everytime I saw him out and about in Lumberton, he was always polite, reserved and respectful; it seems like someone has instilled some values in his life that are not only exhibited at home but exhibited when he's not aware that others are taking notice. Such admirable traits at such a young age would make any parent proud. I think Joe Arnold is a true role model and he is the epitome of what makes #LumbertonProud. Just recently, Arnold accepted a scholarship with the Bobcats and I'm sure he will continue to excel and make #LumbertonProud. Kudos to those that have the ability to balance sports with academics while still managing to remain respectful outside the sports arena. As I stated, there's a long history of stellar athletes that call Lumberton home. I didn't mention all their names because I didn't want to offend anyone because of an omission. I think the Lumberton Panthers basketball team had a final game tonight. If you can, go out and show your support and witness something good about Lumberton.


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