The Wright Stuff: The Creative & Artistic Side of Lumberton

Last night, we were given our first opportunity to vote for Michael Simeon on American Idol. I hope everyone got a chance to cast their votes. For the past few days, I've blogged about various talented individuals that calls Lumberton home. Today, I want to focus on another type of talent; creativity. Lumberton has a slew of creative people, just look at the number of hair salons. We have Tangled, Tina's Beauty Salon, C and J Hair, Olive's Beauty Salon. In cade you didn't know, it takes a lot of skill and creativity to be a stylist. I wish the barbering choices in Lumberton was this plentiful but I'm glad 4he beauty industry is well represented in Lumberton.

Another talented individual that hails from Lumberton is Chris Wright, owner of Wright's Custom Woodwork. Wright is also the sponsor of the annual winter car and bike show that's held at Wood-Hinton Park. Aside from his philanthropic efforts, Wright is a skilled carpenter. He builds custom signs, benches, gun cabniets, kitchen cabinets. The list goes on and on. If you can imagine it, Wright can bring it to life. In addition to custom woodwork, Wright is skilled at renovations and home additions. If you are in need of any carpentry work, give Chris Wright a call. You can find samples of his work on Facebook. Another skilled carpenter/contractor that calls Lumberton home is Chad Owen. A lot of us may know him for his sweet watermelons, tomatoes, his love of God and family but he's also very skilled in renovations, carpentry and roof work. So if yoo need a skilled contractor, think about using locally skilled workers.

Another genre of talent that's right here in Lumberton is the field of photography. There's no need to search all over the state looking for a photographer; we have plenty right here in Lumberton. I really admire tbe work produced by Ashley Boone Photography. She has a way of capturing special moments. I love the juxtaposition of modern and rustic that's often captured in her photography. She's very skilled and her work can stand toe to toe with any photography produced. If you would like to see samples of her work, visit tne Ashley Boone Photography page on Facebook.

Another talented photographer that calls Lumberton home is Audrey Owen of Audrey Owen Photography. Audrey is a skilled photographer that brings a fresh approach to the art of photography. In addition to being a skilled, dedicated photographer, Audrey is a skilled craftsperson. If you would like to book Audrey for a session or order a custom piece of artwork, you can visit the Audrey Owen Photography Facebook page for more information.

All this talk about photography has me thinking about weddings. Weddings make me think of flowers and when I tnink of flowers, I think of Dee Ockmond. Dee is very skilled at floral arrangements. If you ever need flowers, don't drive all over Hattiesburg, give Dee a call. Now, if you're looking for a cake, there's no need to look any further than Frank Daniels. Frank is vey skilled in the artistry of cake decoration. People like Home Goods, Jody's, etc. but why travel all over the place when there's a skilled, local baker? Lumberton is filled with talented people. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget because so much attention is fouced on the few that we often forget that we embody more than the foolishness that comes from city hall. We have certified mechanics, DJ's, carpenters, caterers, event planners, decorators, and the list goes on and one. Take a little time and reflect on some of the good Lumberton has to offer and maybe, just maybe, it will help eliminate the bad. #LumbertonProud


  1. Love this post! #LumbertonPride

  2. I love the posts this week. A lot of people say you're negative and should say positive things but I don't see many comments on these positive posts. I like that you keep us informed and I like the good things you're saying about Lumberton. Hopefully you can do a week of positive stories each month. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is a very nice post.


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