Name Changer

The Mississippi Regional Housing Authority recently changed the name of one of its apartment complexes in Lumberton. The property that was once named Frank Lee Homes but will always be refetred to as Turn-key (or the Key) is now Pecan Circle sans the pecan trees. The community is going through another change due to HUD regulations. Over the past few years, the property has undergone renovations to transition from low income housing to affordable housing. The renovations totatled $2.5 million dollars. There are more changes underway and it will include expansion of parking spaces and the installment of speed bumps to deter speeding.


  1. A wasted investment. All that money to upgrade the place but still filled with whores paying $20 in rent. Ain't this the same place full of people thT get mad when the police are called? The same place where people have a house full of people living with them but they're not on the lease? That place will always be the ghetto as long as people staying there allow others to treat their residence like their cum bucket. You let people gamble on your porch, throw trash in your yard and sell drugs on your corner is just like letting them cum in your face because you're left with the mess to clean up. Another problem is poor management. Why have cameras installed if you're not going to use them to enforce rules.

  2. If the police would patrol then citizens wouldn't need to call them.

    1. It isn't the police fault that we don't have enough of them to patrol EVERYWHERE!

  3. If we had enough police then they would patrol! Why would you stick your head out to get shot when there is only one...... Ha


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