Now Behold the Lamb: Ashley Boone Photography Mini Session for Easter

Just in time for Easter, Ashley Boone Photography has openings for an Easter Mini Session. Your child can be photographed with a baby lamb. The sessions are Saturday, March 14, 2015. The cost of the session is $50 and that includes 5 edits on a CD with a print release. For more information or to make an appointment, go to the Ashley Boone Photography Facebook page.


  1. I get so tried of People talking about you are not being Positive. You have alway posted good things concerning Lumberton when good things happen. They don't comment on those. Plus the only bad things you post about are the board meetings why? It no good to post concerning the City Hall. So people stop saying that S---t!!!! Get a Life. Take this post no postings. So point taken.

  2. Informer, do these people contact you concering their businees or you do the research and find out the information? If you are doing the research how nice of you.

    1. I'm usually on the Facebook page of local business owners that don't mind me sharing their information. It's my hope that they would contact me when they're having special events. Despite what others may say, I'm Pro-Lumberton and want every legitimate business to grow.

  3. Do Ashley Boone read this blog? This is nice. I will contact her for Photos. Thanks for the info.


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