The Little India That Could

Last night I was reminded why I don't watch shows like American Idol. Sadly, Michael Simeon didn't make it to the next round. I think he has more talent than a lot of the guys that were selected but I keep in mind that this was the same show that had judges that didn't think Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson had the skills to make it in the music industry. There's still a chance that Michael will be chosen as a wild card. I'm sure Michael and his family feels the love and support from this community. Michael has garnered the City of Lumberton national attention. If you're interested in obtaining a Michael Simeon American Idol t-shirt, log on to the Team Simeon Facebook page for more details.

In other, Lumberton's Got Talent news, renowned gymnast, India Rodgers, had another stellar performance during a gymnastics competition. This past Saturday, India displayed her amazing skills at the New Orleans Creole Classic. India placed 1st in Vault, 1st in Bars, 3rd in Beams, 1st in Floor and 2nd All Around. This young lady is extremely talented and dedicated. In the words of Dr. Seuss, "oh, the places you'll go!" Keep up the good work. You continue to make #LumbertonProud


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