Parks & Segregation

Last night, there was a conversation started about the closing of the Wellstown Community Park. I commented, telling the person he should contact Warren Byrd, District 2 Supervisor, since the park is in his district. Throughout the conversation, some valid points were raised, including the fact that parks in predominantly black communities are locked. I refrained from instantly blogging on this matter because I wanted to get more details. As I've always said, there's three sides to every story; my side, your side and the truth. We all have differing views and with the advent of social media, we have the ability to share our viewpoints without condidering the other side of the coin. Earlier today, I called Warren Byrd to see if I could get some clarity.

After speaking to Byrd, he informed me that the park was not locked, it was the small pavillion. Warren said there were two people that complained that the use of the facility wasn't fair; that certain people were allowed to monopolize the use of the building. From my conversation with Byrd, it seems that the two men that complained, said they were not allowed access to the building. I was also told that there wasn't a record of the people using the building and a complaint filed that the keys to the building were never returned which led to the changing of the lock. Byrd said the building is supposed to be operated like the voting/community centers; there needs to be a list of people using the building so there's accountability. Byrd also said the building can be used but the participants must sign up for use and get the key from Charles "Buckboy" Williams. Byrd said he's been looking for someone to manage the building and Williams was the only one to step up and accept responsibility.

I listened as Byrd explained the process and understood where he was coming from. However, I had a problem that an entire community lost access to a building based on tne complaints of two people. Last nignt, it was said that parks in the black community are always locked up like prison yards. For the record, the Wellstown Community Park is not locked but access to the pavillion has been restricted. I'm not sure about the Fifth Avenue Park. I know there was an agenda item to put locks on the gate after someone set a bench on fire. If that parked is locked, it's because of the behavior of some miscreant that thought it would be fun to destroy city property. Whenever a park or community is trashed/destroyed, it's done by those in tne community. Contrary to the destructive behavior that was often exhibited at the Fifth Avenue Park, it was totally different at the Wellstown Community Park. I've never heard of any rowdy, destructive activities happening there. As a matter of fact, the majority of those gathering on weekends are related to one another. Despite the complaints filed, I can't imagine one family being told they can't use the park because Wellstown is basically one big family. The men gathered there on weekends are bonding, barbequing and showing true brotherhood. They're not gathering just to be seen, they're also doing community services; feeding the elderly and widows, clean up projects and having fun in the process. It's truly sad that their good is being evil spoken of. It's said that we can't gather without complaints. It's even sadder that the enemy came from within.

"The fact that we stand in groups and say things you don't like, doesn't make us a mob, it makes us Americans. "


  1. Black people are their own worst enemy. You blog and they hate you for telling the truth. Whoever "snitched" on the gang that host parties in the park every week is probably called a sellout. They want to stand on corners, disrupt their community with loud talking and cussing but get mad if the police are called. They don't value each other so why do they want people to value them. Living a life of integrity is not a bad thing. If you're such a great blogger why haven't you blogged about the stupid shit black people do? I'm sure you see the porch monkeys and corner buzzards everyday doing stupid shit. That's one reason why I don't like warm weather because they come out like roaches.

    1. There's pockets of ignorance in every race. Your comment has me confused because my car was egged by a black person and keyed by a white person so I don't know what point you're trying to make. You're entitled to your opinion but if you feel so strongly why are you anonymous?

  2. I moved away from Lumberton right after graduating from high school in 1988, so I can't really comment on what is happening there now. But, I just had to reply to the idiotic coward who posted anonymously before me! Those who are the most ignorant amongst us are always the ones who speak out! I don't understand how someone could honestly label a whole community of people based on the color of their skin or on the actions of a few members of the community!! Take a look in the mirror and grow up, Anonymous! Either try to make a positive difference, or remain quiet while people like Jonathan do the work!

  3. It sad that when you having young people who are trying to do good and some old used up adult come and close things down. People talk about young people as if they are nothing and not doing anything to help them. Plus houses are so far from the park who are they disturbing. I never hear anything about Mrs. Hester's place and we all know it can get noisy. It is really really sad.

  4. Sad just sad. God help the crazy people who doesn't have anything else to complain about. Parks which are public places. I can't understand this craziness.


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